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Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane? What You Need To Follow

First, can you bring a skateboard on a plane? YES!

Skateboards are allowed as carry-on baggage and standard carry-on size restrictions apply (under 45 Skateboards are accepted as checked baggage, and the same baggage rules that apply to other items apply.

If stored in an overhead bin, you must use a trash bag to cover the wheels. Several airlines are exempt from this. Skateboards must typically be checked in instead of being allowed to be carried on by most airlines. In light of these rules, shorter longboards, such as mini cruisers, are also permitted for air travel.

Please read the next post where I will provide you with more specific information.

Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane?

Yes, you are permitted to bring a skateboard on a plane both as checked baggage and as carry-on luggage.

Skateboards are generally permitted on airplanes, but it is always advisable to check the airline’s baggage policies or contact them before purchasing a ticket. This will help you avoid any unpleasant surprises when you’re going through security or boarding the aircraft.

you can bring your Skateboard brought on board as carry-on if it fits perfectly under the seat; otherwise, you may need to put a bag over it to keep it safe.

Please store your skateboard with the wheels up so that it does not roll.

What Is The Cost Of Taking A Skateboard On A Plane?

The majority of airlines will treat your skateboard according to either standard carry-on baggage or checked baggage rules.

You will be able to transport it as your first checked bag for free if the first bag is free on the airline.

Don’t Worry Too Much About The TSA

Make sure you are properly informed and familiar with the rules of each airline. Any unpleasant surprises at the security checkpoint will be avoided by doing this. Skateboards are typically permitted in the cargo hold or on airplanes by the Transportation Security Administration.

The TSA website states that “The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint“. If they stop you, try to bargain and be polite. They don’t want the hassle of having to check a skateboard deck at the gate.

Be Careful With Connecting Flights Abroad

It becomes a little trickier at this point. Even if you’re catching a connecting flight, once you fly internationally, different rules might be in effect. According to what I could find, London, United Kingdom You can’t bring a skateboard onboard in Sydney, Australia, or Frankfurt, Germany.

You’ll have to leave the airport to check your skateboard in, which could result in you missing your flight. If I learn more, I’ll be sure to update this post. I did my best to find the exact policy, but I wasn’t successful.

How To Pack A Skateboard For Air Travel

The best method for transporting your skateboard on a plane is to disassemble it. If you have a skateboard backpack, carry the trucks in it and strap the deck to it. If you don’t have a bag, look for backpacks with straps or duffel bags with straps.

The staff doesn’t have time to deal with a deck that is slightly oversized and won’t bother you unless they are having a bad day. Just make sure you’re in front of the line, which requires you to enter the building earlier and move ahead of the line.

The crew won’t bother you if you pack your board as neatly as possible for storage. Like I said, be friendly and give the crew kudos when you can, and they won’t cause you any trouble (depending on the airline).

If you must check your skateboard and don’t have a bag with straps, tape your bag firmly and wrap it in plastic wrap. To prevent your deck from disappearing, you can’t strap your trucks to your shoes—or can you? Just be sure you can demonstrate that your luggage is a single unit.

If someone at the check-in counter is giving you a hard time, tell them “excuse me, I’ve traveled the world, and I have no idea why I haven’t heard of this before. I checked your site and it didn’t mention anything about this being prohibited” (keep smiling and stay polite).

Purchasing a bag that will fit your skateboard is the safest option. The staff won’t really treat you poorly, and a regular skateboard will fit perfectly. If they ask what’s inside, just reply, “My clothes and my skateboard,” and they won’t object.

Though they won’t cause you any trouble, don’t anticipate getting all these questions on a domestic flight. If they do (domestic and foreign), just force it while keeping your composure. Don’t argue with the security personnel; I’m referring to the people working the desks. See more about How To Stand On A Skateboard Properly

Disassemble Your Skateboard & Bend The Rules

Disassembling your skateboard can be useful on occasion. Even though it’s not a very practical solution, doing this could still end up saving you money if they end up adding on additional charges.

To store your deck in an overhead bin, simply take out your trucks and place them in a backpack. Your deck doesn’t take up much room. As an alternative, you could wedge it between the seats or tuck it under the seat in front of you.

You could position a window seat between you and the seat fuselage if you have one. Put your skateboard deck in the overhead compartment as a last resort and strap it to your luggage. Although I can’t promise it will always be successful, if you are polite and friendly, no one on the cabin crew will object.

As soon as you can, stow your skateboard on the plane while putting on your most assured face. Always, the early birds board the plane with their bags. Also, if you’re curious, you can skateboard inside the airport. Just be careful not to obstruct or run anyone over. However, security may request that you stop.

Electric Skateboards On A Plane

It’s challenging to transport an electric skateboard on a plane. Because of the potential for fire, most airlines have strict policies and won’t accept E-boards. Some claim you can bring your electric skateboard as long as you disassemble it, carry the batteries in your backpack, and control your enthusiasm.

Thetechieguy claims that the TSA doesn’t mind e-boards passing through security as long as the board’s battery complies with the lithium-ion specifications.

Though almost all airlines won’t let you transport your board even if you disassemble it, be prepared to be disappointed. You can try your luck, but you run the risk of getting into trouble. No legal issues, but what if they object to bringing it on the flight? Will you throw out your board? See more about How To Turn On A Skateboard

So, is it possible to bring an electric skateboard on a plane? They pose a fire risk, that’s for sure. Although some people get away with removing the batteries, you run the risk of losing your pricey apparatus.

TSA Skateboard Rules & Regulations

The security checkpoint is operated by the Transportation Security Administration. Here is what they have to say about flying while using a skateboard.

In Carry-on Luggage

Passengers using skateboards to get through airport security is not a concern for the TSA. They do ask that you confirm any size or weight restrictions with your airline.

Airlines typically let you bring two pieces of hand luggage with you into the cabin. The carry-on and personal item are what they are known as. Skateboards are considered one of your carry-on belongings if they fit within the size restrictions.

Here’s the bad news…

In the US, 22 x 14 x 9 inches is the maximum size for carry-on bags.

The standard length of a skateboard is 28 to 33 inches. As a result, most airlines will not accept them as carry-on luggage.

However, some airlines permit you to measure in linear inches.

According to Alaska, Delta, and Hawaiian, your carry-on bag can be 45 linear inches.

This indicates that the total value of your luggage’s three dimensions is less than 45 inches. Therefore, if you had a 30-inch skateboard, it would be acceptable as long as the other two dimensions—height and width—were less than 15 when added together.

One of the factors that make mini boards like this one available today is the size restrictions on carry-on luggage.

You can fit the Hinaboard inside your carry-on bag or backpack because it is only 19 inches long.

You will be required to check your skateboard if it is too large to be considered carry-on luggage by your airline.

In Checked Luggage

A sizable checked suitcase will accommodate many skateboards. A skateboard can be packed inside a checked bag without any restrictions.

Packing anything of value in checked baggage carries a certain amount of risk. Unfortunately, things don’t always arrive where they’re supposed to. They may vanish, be taken, or sustain damage.

Your board may be less likely to be stolen if the wheels are taken off and packed in your carry-on.

It can be costly because checked bags typically incur a fee.

It might be cheaper to ship your skateboard to your destination, so it’s worth looking into the shipping costs.

Typically, 62 linear inches is the maximum size for checked baggage. Some longboards might go over this limit, in which case an oversize fee will apply.

It’s important to remember that you should never pack a lithium battery for an electric board in checked baggage. It has to be taken out and into the cabin.

Let’s check to see if the well-known American airlines allow skateboards.

Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane What You Need To Follow
Can You Bring A Skateboard On A Plane? What You Need To Follow

Airlines Skateboard Policies

Skateboards are not considered a threat by the TSA, so it is up to the individual airlines to decide whether to permit you to bring one in.

Check your airline’s sporting goods policies before checking in skateboards.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska was questioned by Cass about whether she could bring her skateboard without a bag as a carry-on.

Alaska retorted that it would have to fall under the permitted size. They neglected to mention that the linear inches method can be used to determine how much carry-on luggage Alaska will allow. The policies of Alaska state that Cass’s skateboard should be acceptable if the total of the three dimensions is less than 45 inches.


Graham was informed by Allegiant that he needed to pack his skateboard in a bag.

Skateboards could only be carried on if they didn’t exceed a 22-inch length restriction, they added.

American Airlines

The fact that Mark had to check his skateboard when flying with American Airlines really irritated him.

Contrary to what is stated on their website, AA still refer to the 45 linear inch measurement method.

I advise calling American Airlines to ask if you can measure your skateboard using the linear inches method if you want to fly with it. The majority of skateboards have less than 45 linear inches.

Delta Airlines

This traveler inquired with Delta about taking a longboard with them.

Skateboards are allowed as carry-on luggage on Delta flights. Make sure the bag’s length, width, and depth are less than 45 inches before you pack it.

You may need to pack your clothes in your personal item bag, which should go under the seat, since you are using your skateboard as your carry-on bag.

Frontier Airlines

When Frontier required him to pay $45 to gate check his skateboard, this traveler wasn’t pleased.

Frontier Airlines has strict regulations regarding carry-on luggage as a low-cost carrier.

Spirit Airlines

When Spirit charged this traveler $50 more because he had a skateboard attached to his bookbag, he was furious.

Low-cost airlines like Spirit rely on carry-on baggage fees to survive, whereas full-service airlines like Delta can afford to be a little lax with the rules. That is how they operate.

Less likely it is that your skateboard will receive special treatment, the less expensive your flight is.

United Airlines

Regarding the acceptance of a skateboard as one of her carry-on items, Judith enquired with United.

If your skateboard is small enough to be considered hand luggage, United will let you take it with you. Otherwise, you must check it.

Hawaiian Airlines

This traveler inquired with Hawaiian about bringing his board.

As long as the board didn’t exceed the carry-on size restrictions, Hawaiian said, it would be found.

You can probably bring your skateboard on a flight to Hawaii because they let you measure your luggage using the linear inches method.

You will need to put all of your clothes in the under-seat personal item bag because you used up your carry-on allowance by bringing your board.

Jetblue Airways

Three items are not permitted on the aircraft. The space in the overhead bin is limited, and doing that wouldn’t be fair to the other passengers.

JetBlue only allows a short board as a carry-on item.

Southwest Airlines

Regarding luggage, Southwest has a lax attitude. Here is what they have to say about skateboards on their website.

A skateboard can take the place of a carry-on or checked bag. Skateboards that fit under seats do not need to be in bags or covers, but they must be stored with their wheels up to prevent rolling. Skateboards must be stored with the wheels up and in a bag or with the wheels covered (a trash bag is acceptable) if they are to fit in an overhead bin so as to prevent damage to other items.

Tips For Travel With A Skateboard

Condense Like Soup & Carry On

Carrying everything with you and making sure it will fit in the overhead compartment is the key to winning the game of air travel.

If everything is on your person, nothing should get lost unless you spend way too much time at the airport bar before your flight, which is possible.

However, there may be times when you won’t be able to avoid having to check your board. In these situations, we highly recommend that you purchase something akin to a Sector 9 Field Bag, which enables you to consolidate everything into a single checkable item and additionally protects your belongings from being damaged.

Additionally, it’s always a good idea to carry your most important belongings, such as a backpack with your toiletries and a change of clothes.

A helpful hint: If you check a laptop with your bag when traveling within the US, air transit security will search it (another stop on the plane’s conveyor belt equals an increased risk that it will be left behind).

Battle Of The Bins

In order to be present when they call you to board, it will be crucial to arrive at your flight or gate early, as was already mentioned. When your boarding group is called, some airlines, like Southwest, offer free (unassigned) seating, giving you, if you’re lucky, some extra time to board the aircraft and locate a place to store your deck.

Others, however, make row calls. Sometimes you’ll be out of luck if you’re in the back of the plane.

In the end, a lot of it just boils down to a fight over the trash cans, and you’ll just have to figure it out. I’ve discovered that even when the bins are shut, there is frequently space above or beneath people’s wheeled bags for you to slide your board.

Deconstructing your board beforehand can also help it fit into a bin more easily. When traveling with a deck longer than 32 inches, it’s important to make your shred stick as stowable as possible.

Damage Control

You should expect a long wait if your luggage is missing or damaged.

If your bag didn’t arrive, it’s likely that you arrived at the airport late or that it was never transported to the aircraft. If this is the case, you may only need to wait until the subsequent flight arrives; in the vast majority of cases, your bag will be on that flight.

When flights are overbooked and they can’t fit everyone on board, airlines frequently do this. Because board bags are frequently regarded as “oversized” or “oddly shaped baggage,” skaters are typically the victims of this.

If you have to, you can leave the airport, but you MUST have a phone number or address where they can contact you so that when your bags do arrive, they can deliver them to you.

The airlines will almost always use a low-cost third-party delivery service to deliver your bags, which is not advantageous to you. Therefore, if necessary, you can trust the airport—which has already done a fantastic job—to deliver your luggage to its destination.

Just make sure to pack a backpack with a change of clothes, some deodorant, a toothbrush, and any other important or essential items if this is how you intend to navigate this maze of a situation. Just believe me when I say that when this happens to you, it’ll seem like a gift from the skate gods.

The Early Bird Gets Their Bags On The Plane

Assume for the moment that you have a board bag with everything neatly packed inside that you want to check.

The maze-like maze of conveyor belts and chutes your bag will eventually have to travel through before it is finally loaded onto a truck must be taken into consideration after you have checked your bag with the attendants at the desk or curbside. Not to mention that your belongings will then be transported across the tarmac and onto your flight, which will depart when scheduled, whether or not they are on board.

Therefore, arrive at the airport two hours before your flight to give the airline plenty of time to prepare.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Call your airline if you’re unsure of the specifics of what you can bring on the flight.

Although every airline is different, domestic flights typically have fewer restrictions on the items that may be brought on board. It sometimes simply depends on whom you ask. Just make an effort to eliminate as many uncertain variables as you can before it’s time for you to take that flight.

Rarely will you encounter a realist who might be able to tell you whether or not you’ll be able to store that item in an overhead bin. In most cases, they’ll just spout some airline regulation jargon about approved sizes for objects allowed as “carry-on” items by the TSA.

You Gotta Be This Small To Ride This Ride

I’ll say this from personal experience since I frequently fly with a skateboard in tow.

On 90% of my international flights and 100% of my domestic flights within the continental United States, I have successfully flown with a 39-inch Loaded Tan Tien strapped to my backpack. The UK was the only nation I had to check my board when landing.

So long as I arrived at the airport early enough to find a spot in an overhead compartment for my deck, that was all that was required.

Lighter is better.

The contrary will be stated in airline regulations. But in actuality, nobody really wants to deal with you or your possessions. Most of the time, no one will object if you can make it work.

However, there are some limitations if you decide to check your board. As mentioned above, this varies from airline to airline.


Can a skateboard be brought on a plane to the UK?

Yes, almost all UK Airlines allow skateboards on their aircraft as long as they are within the carry-on size and weight restrictions set by the airline and fit under the seat, and are properly stowed.

Can you bring a skateboard on a Qantas flight to Australia?

The skateboard or any other sporting equipment must be packed in a surfboard bag, weigh no more than 32 kg (70 lb), and not exceed 277 cm (109 in). The airport excess baggage fees will be applied to any additional bags.

Is skating permitted in airports?

Skateboarder, chances are you have experienced a flight delay or even a cancellation if you are a frequent traveler.
Therefore, it’s beneficial to enjoy and practice your skateboarding skills while you’re stuck at the airport or waiting there due to a delay for a connection.
Speaking of skating at the airport, Alex Statet
It is very possible to skateboard in an airport provided they do not have any law which bans skateboarding

The Bottom Line

Can a skateboard be brought on a plane?

Skateboards are allowed in carry-on and checked baggage on the majority of airlines, but since they won’t fit in a carry-on bag and most airlines classify them as checked baggage, it is best to transport them there.

Most of the time, you cannot bring an electric skateboard or longboard on a plane unless the batteries are removed. There are a few ways to slightly bend the rules if you’re confident enough.

Have a try!

I appreciate you reading.

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