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13 Best Skateboard Bearings In 2022 [Updated]

What are the best skateboard bearings?

BONES SWISS, BONES REDS, BRONSON SPEED CO. G2, Heady Shake Pro, BONES SWISS CERAMIC, KVENI Ceramic, SPITFIRE CHEAPSHOTS, BONES BIG BALLS REDS, BRONSON Speed G3, Yellow Jacket Premium, Bones Super Reds, Fireball Dragon, Bones Super Swiss 6, and BRONSON Speed G2.

Don’t worry if you are just getting oriented. In order to ensure compatibility between all wheel and bearing brands, nearly all skateboard bearings have been standardized. Skateboard bearings typically have an inner race diameter of 8mm.

Please continue reading so I can give you more specific information.

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Best Skateboard Bearings

BONES SWISS Skateboard Bearings: Best Overall

BONES SWISS Skateboard Bearings Best Overall
BONES SWISS Skateboard Bearings: Best Overall

On this list, you’ll see a number of Bones products. The reason for this is that Bones has been a leading manufacturer of skateboard bearings since 1981 and is a name that skaters around the world are familiar with and comfortable using.

Bones Swiss bearings are designed to be quick and enduring. With Speed Cream Racing Lubricant, they are already lubricated. Numerous users claim that when cared for properly, Bones Swiss bearings can last for many years. Furthermore, according to the company, Bones Swiss bearings are the most popular premium skate bearings in the United States.

Bones Swiss has been the standard for skateboard bearings for more than 30 years, setting high standards for competitors to try to meet or beat. Although there are some new bearing companies that are having success, Bones Swiss is the best option for a tried-and-true skateboarding experience.

BONES REDS Skateboard Bearings: Best Value

BONES REDS Skateboard Bearings Best Value
BONES REDS Skateboard Bearings: Best Value

Skateboard bearings called Bones Reds are another item offered by Bones. Their top-selling skateboard bearing is the Bones Red. These are significantly less expensive than other Bones products, but because of their performance for the price, they are a favorite among skaters.

These bearings are produced in China, where labor costs are lower, as opposed to Switzerland, where the Bones Swiss bearings are made. Bones passes these savings along to the customer while maintaining a high standard.

Prior to delivery to the customer, Bones Reds are subjected to two quality checks. They have a removable outer shield that makes cleaning your bearings simpler and are pre-lubricated with Speed Cream Racing Lubricant.

From longboard cruising to street skating, these bearings are suitable for all skateboarding applications. It is understandable why these bearings are the most popular given their low cost and wide range of supply.

BRONSON SPEED CO. G2 Skateboard Bearings: Best For Street

BRONSON SPEED CO. G2 Skateboard Bearings Best For Street
BRONSON SPEED CO. G2 Skateboard Bearings: Best For Street

Even though Bronson Speed Co. is a relative newcomer to the skateboarding scene, they have already made a name for themselves as a serious competitor in the bearings market.

The team at Bronson is made up of a ton of talented professionals, and they have consistently produced high-caliber goods. Since their establishment in 2013, they have grown to become one of the leading bearing brands.

The Bronson Speed Co. G2 bearings have deep groove raceways that help minimize side impact damage to the bearing and consequently lower the risk of the bearings breaking when jumping over curbs or other street gaps. Bronson’s high speed ceramic oil, which aids in reducing wear and boosting speed, is also pre-lubricated with these bearings.

If you’re a serious street skater, these bearings are a good option. Given the demands of street skating, Bronson’s attention to design detail makes them durable.

Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings: Best On Uniquely Dense Body

Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings Best On Uniquely Dense Body
Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings: Best On Uniquely Dense Body

Heady Shake Pro Skateboard Bearings offer a more robust alternative to skateboard bearings with a distinctively dense body.

These skateboard wheel bearings are available in three different materials. chrome steel, nylon, and titanium. The first two parts may be standard, but the titanium distinguishes these bearings from those made by other companies. I can rely on this material during intense skating because it is more damage-resistant.

I believe these bearings perform well in terms of speed. I don’t have to buy or manually apply this lubricant because each piece is already lubricated. Additionally, the brand’s use of unique lubricants gives these bearings an edge over others. Thus, the wheels begin to turn as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The versatility of these wheel cores is the next feature I appreciate. They perform just as well on inline skates, roller skates, and scooters as they do on skateboards and longboards. These uses merely serve to highlight the superior quality of these bearings.

I can see how the brand made this model sleek in terms of design. These bearings were simple to install on a skateboard. Additionally, cleaning is made easier by their non-contact shields. Therefore, they are good skateboard bearings both for performance and maintenance.

BONES SWISS CERAMIC Skateboard Bearings: Best For Longevity

BONES SWISS CERAMIC Skateboard Bearings Best For Longevity
BONES SWISS CERAMIC Skateboard Bearings: Best For Longevity

These Bones Swiss Ceramic bearings are at the pinnacle of the skateboard bearing market, and their price suggests as much. The highest quality raw materials and careful engineering are used in the production of these bearings, which are much more expensive than the other bearings on this list.

The primary distinction is that these bearings use ceramic balls, which have several advantages over steel balls, including being stronger, lighter, harder, and more durable. Additionally waterproof, ceramic balls!

These bearings are the best available and offer excellent speed, smoothness, and durability. Any ride, including street setups, cruisers, and longboards, will benefit from these bearings.

KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings: Best On Rigid Structure

KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings Best On Rigid Structure
KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings: Best On Rigid Structure

KVENI Ceramic Skateboard Bearings will be one of my top picks because skateboarding requires jumps and quick movements.

These bearings can withstand high-impact movements because of their rigid construction. Each one contains a group of ceramic balls that are sufficiently resistant to deformation. Additionally, a carbon steel raceway that houses the balls from the side effectively mitigates potential damage.

Waterproof bearings are something I don’t often hear about, but this set is one of the few. The interior of this Kveni model is shielded from gunk and other microscopic contaminants by distinctively colored seals. Furthermore, I believe that these components will last longer than some brands because they are waterproof.

These bearings are not only strong and resistant to the elements, but also versatile. They are compatible with a variety of devices in addition to skateboards, including longboards, trikes, scooters, fidget spinners, and more. These bearings will constantly have a place in my house with such a wide range of uses.

Another thing that distinguishes these wheel cores from the competition is the fact that some brands do not list the ABEC rating on their bearings. These KVENI components have an ABEC 9 rating, making them fairly quick and accurate. And these will be adequate for a skateboarder who prefers fast or technical rides.

SPITFIRE CHEAPSHOTS Skateboard Bearings: Best For Beginners

SPITFIRE CHEAPSHOTS Skateboard Bearings Best For Beginners
SPITFIRE CHEAPSHOTS Skateboard Bearings: Best For Beginners

Starting out as a skateboarder can be an expensive hobby. Even after purchasing your board, you might still need to spend money on safety gear and appropriate footwear before you can even begin.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend your entire life savings to try out your new hobby because there are some less expensive options that still offer a genuine skateboarding experience.

The Spitfire Cheapshots are the least expensive bearings on this list and one of those perfect low-cost options. They have a removable shield that makes cleaning and maintaining them simple. Additionally, they are already lubricated and ready to ride.

Although Spitfire is primarily known for producing wheels, they are a reputable name in the skating community. When you first start skating, their Cheapshots bearings will serve you well.

BONES BIG BALLS REDS Skateboard Bearings: Best For Longboards

BONES BIG BALLS REDS Skateboard Bearings Best For Longboards
BONES BIG BALLS REDS Skateboard Bearings: Best For Longboards

Although size isn’t always a good thing, it can help your bearings roll more quickly and last longer. Many longboarders desire something much bigger!

For those who need speed, the Bones Big Balls Reds are the best option.

Although there are only six balls instead of seven in these bearings, they are still 17% bigger than the balls in other Bones bearings. As a result, the bearings are less vulnerable to the damage that dirt and other debris cause to skate bearings. This results in the bearings having a longer lifespan.

These bearings are a great choice for cruisers and standard skateboards as well, even though they are listed as being best for longboards. Big, dirt-resistant balls have many advantages, who wouldn’t want them?

BRONSON Speed G3 Skateboard Bearings: Best On Small Details

BRONSON Speed G3 Skateboard Bearings Best On Small Details
BRONSON Speed G3 Skateboard Bearings: Best On Small Details

The BRONSON Speed G3 Skateboard Bearings place a similar emphasis on accuracy in small details as other skateboard components. Each bearing has a non-distort max impact design that offers the wheel cores a number of advantages.

The balls roll deeply and efficiently carry axial loads through deep groove raceways. This feature aids in preventing impact-related side damage and breakage.

These have microgrooves, which is another raceway feature I like. These linear patterns improve the distribution of lubricant among the balls. The bearings actually spin and roll more quickly as a result.

These bearings also contain specialized cages that house the balls in addition to the inner and outer races. The sphere interiors remain evenly spaced thanks to this feature. These parts are superior in that they are just as robust as other parts. Thus, there is little cause for concern regarding the bearing bending too soon.

In essence, these bearings also have dirt control features. Each one has two frictionless shields with straight edges to keep out moisture and other foreign objects. The lubrication inside the bearings is kept in place by these thin layers, which also stop oil from leaking out.

Due to the design of the shields, many skateboarders also find these wheel cores to be simple to maintain.

Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings: Best On Premium Chrome Steel

Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings Best On Premium Chrome Steel
Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings: Best On Premium Chrome Steel

The Yellow Jacket Premium Skateboard Bearings had a high-caliber structure and were created to match the quality of top bearing brands.

It has premium chrome steel in order to ensure that the bearing rolls precisely and smoothly. The fact that this bearing is made of premium steel improves its overall dependability.

This product also includes seals or shields, like many bearing models. These layers keep oil inside the bearings while guarding against the ingress of dust and other debris.

These components’ 7-color shield options, however, are what set them apart from other similar items. These make it simple and easy to add bearings to skateboards for customization.

Also sufficiently lubricated are these high-end bearings. The first application is an ultra-fast lube that is pre-applied to each one when it is received. Second, an injected high-speed race lubricant is on its roller cage. We can anticipate smooth and quick wheel motion with these.

I didn’t anticipate the entire set to cost that little considering these features. Users on a tight budget will benefit from the fact that it costs almost a fraction of the top-tier brands of skateboard bearings. Therefore, these bearings not only function well but also have a high value.

Fireball Dragon Skateboard Bearings: Best On Labyrinth Seals

Fireball Dragon Skateboard Bearings Best On Labyrinth Seals
Fireball Dragon Skateboard Bearings: Best On Labyrinth Seals

As with the Fireball Dragon Skateboard Bearings, I hardly ever find skateboard bearings that perfectly contain dirt while maintaining internal lubrication.

These wheel cores’ Labyrinth seals are one of their most notable features. Rubber covers are typically found on skateboard bearings, but this brand’s shields are much better. Any user will appreciate their 50% performance improvement on the wheels.

These shields also lengthen the bearings’ lifespan. I am aware of one skateboarder who attempted to use these bearings while skating on wet pavement. Despite his expectations, neither moisture nor dirt penetrated the wheel cores, resulting in no damage. The interiors of these wheels didn’t rust, which is the most impressive feature.

I believe that these bearings’ interiors are also essential to their performance. High-quality steel balls that increase the tensile strength of the wheel cores are contained inside each Fireball. These elements also improve and smooth out the bearing’s roll when used with a high-quality lubricant. With these, I anticipate the bearings operating at a high level for an extended period of time.

The fact that each Fireball bearing has a 608 size, making it a perfect option for many items other than skateboards, is the next feature I like about this product. They are employed by penny boards, spinners, longboards, roller skates, and scooters. Having a single set of bearings that can be used for many applications is very convenient.

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings: Best On Six Enlarged Balls

Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings Best On Six Enlarged Balls
Bones Super Swiss 6 Skateboard Bearings: Best On Six Enlarged Balls

Perhaps not everyone is aware that bearings contain a variety of balls. Customers will only see six Bones Super Swiss 6 skateboard bearings instead of the usual seven when looking at them.

According to the brand, a bearing’s speed and acceleration are increased by using just six enlarged balls inside. In addition, this special feature reinforces the overall strength of the wheel core.

These Bones Swiss skateboard bearings’ retainers are the final element that completes their speed and strength. These are made of high-speed nylon, which enhances the performance of the bearings. Nylon retainers have the advantages of being lightweight and reasonably priced.

The brand, and this particular model in particular, seems to be known for using single shields in the majority of its bearing packages. Cleaning and maintenance are simple thanks to the one removable rubber shield. Additionally, this layer is non-contact, which reduces friction on the bearing.

I read a review from a customer who said that these Swiss bearings are appropriate for large individuals. In essence, these wheel cores are ideal for riders who weigh around 270 lbs, like that user, due to their strength and durability. To use this product, one does not need to be thin!

BRONSON Speed G2 Skateboard Bearings: Best On Straight-edged Double-shielded Bodies

BRONSON Speed G2 Skateboard Bearings Best On Straight-edged Double-shielded Bodies
BRONSON Speed G2 Skateboard Bearings: Best On Straight-edged Double-shielded Bodies

The BRONSON Speed G2 Skateboard Bearings are a traditional illustration of a fantastic set of wheel cores.

Each bearing functions properly and doesn’t cause the skateboard to jar. And each of them has ceramic oil lubrication as a result. These components operate quietly, which is better. In light of this, riding will feel not only smooth but also calming with these bearings.

These bearings are my favorite because they have straight-edged double-shielded bodies that prevent dirt penetration from both sides. Additionally frictionless, these shield layers won’t obstruct the wheel cores’ ability to function. These elements, in my opinion, enable these bearings to be used on difficult terrain.

When compared to other brands with shallow grooves, Bronson manages heavy loads better. The most notable feature to aid in stabilizing skateboarders is the fact that this bearing configuration also lessens vibrations.

The value of these bearings is, if I had to pick one feature, my favorite. Other producers might forget to add spacers, but not Bronson. Therefore, there is no need to continue looking for them.

Furthermore, this product’s price is lower than some that only contain wheel cores thanks to the spacer and bearing combination.

How Do Bearings Work?

In applications other than skateboarding, bearings have been used extensively to lower friction on rotating machinery. By transferring a force, bearings also assist in supporting weight. They simply make things run more smoothly.

Particularly in the case of skateboards. Without bearings, you would not be able to move very far on a skateboard. Skateboard wheels are made with two bearings in each wheel, making a skateboard’s total bearing count eight.

Typically, skateboard bearings consist of 7 balls that are encased in a track. To lessen the spinning wheel’s friction, these balls roll against smooth inner and outer surfaces. This results in increased speed and less effort required to maintain cruising. See more about How To Clean Skateboard Bearings?

Skateboard Bearings Types & How To Choose

There are many different types of bearings, as I mentioned in the list above. Here is a summary of each one, along with some benefits and drawbacks.

Steel Bearings


  • Cheap
  • Easy To Maintain
  • Durable


  • Prone To Rust & Corrosion
  • Need Regular Lubrication

The most popular and cost-effective type of bearings are made of steel. These are a fantastic option for any level of skater because they have steel bearing balls and races. Some steel bearings use more expensive materials (like Bones Super Reds or Bronson G3 bearings), providing faster rolling and greater durability for only a slight price premium.

Steel bearings have the disadvantage of being more susceptible to rust and corrosion than ceramic bearings. Similarly, steel bearings heat up much more quickly, and the increased friction has an impact on rolling speed. Your steel bearings require routine cleaning and lubrication to keep them operating smoothly.

Ceramic Bearings


  • Extremely Fast
  • Waterproof
  • More Durable


  • Extremely Expensive

Steel races and ceramic bearing balls are used in ceramic bearings. This type of bearing has the advantage of having very little friction between the bearing ball and the races, allowing it to keep rolling. Ceramic bearings significantly improve performance on cruising, longboarding, and skating bowls.

Ceramics can get wet and won’t rust or corrode as easily, which is a huge advantage. Riding in the rain is still not the best idea for your skateboard’s deck and grip tape, though.

The drawback of ceramic bearings is that they are very expensive. It can be difficult to justify the price for many recreational skaters or those who are just starting out in the sport.

Titanium Bearings

Although lighter in weight thanks to their titanium bearing balls and races, titanium bearings are very similar to steel bearings. They are typically stronger than a steel bearing and, despite having a similar rolling speed, are less prone to corrosion. Although less frequent, these bearings offer a good compromise between ceramic and steel bearings.

Buying Tips For Best Skate Bearings

You won’t ever have to worry about the size of your bearings when you buy bearings for your skateboard because they are all the same size! Skate bearings are a “608” that refers to the dimensions (7 x 22 x 8 mm Ball Bearing), and they should fit in your skateboard, roller skates, scooters, and power tools.

It is recommended that you choose bearings that are made of high-quality materials because they will have a significant impact on how quickly your ride will move along and how the wheels will roll. At first glance, we advise purchasing the highest-quality ones available; less expensive or poorly sealed Bearings may deform quickly under the strain of skateboarding, which could cause issues like dirt clogging up any openings in between driven parts, making skating more challenging than before (or even bringing it to a complete stop).

What Is ABEC Rating?

When purchasing bearings, the ABEC rating might be the first specification you notice on the packaging. The Annular Bearing Engineering Committee of the AFBMA (Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association Inc), better known as ABEC, is an industrial rating that measures the bearings’ tolerances and physical limits. Every reputable company in the world makes its bearings at least to the ABEC1 standard established by this organization!

You can get a pretty good idea of how the bearings will function once they are mounted on your board by looking at the following details about the various ABEC levels of the bearings.


The ABEC rating scale begins at ABEC 1, the lowest possible rating for a bearing. – which means they are poor quality bearings. These bearings are found on skateboards of such poor quality. These bearings might not be something you want.


In comparison to ABEC 1, which is more frequently used in skateboards and roller skates, the ABEC 3 rating bearing spins more quickly. When you skateboard on the road, the longer it spins in your wheel and produces more glide or push off, the higher the rating.


At a reasonable price, ABEC 5 bearings enable a respectable speed. You might observe a significant increase in ABEC rating from three to five. Recreational skaters frequently choose this bearing because it is more accurate than ABEC 1 & 3 bearings.


An ABEC 7 rating is required for high-speed applications because it not only lasts longer but also performs better. If you require a highly precise bearing with high performance and endurance in challenging environments, ABEC 7 is your best option! High-speed, smooth, and slightly more expensive ABEC 7 bearings, however, are available.


The ideal ABEC for downhill and speed skating is 9. Of all ABEC-rated bearings, these are the swiftest, most accurate, and priciest. Unless you’re doing downhill luge-style skating or something else where your goal is to go incredibly fast, it is pointless to use ABEC 9 and higher bearings in a skateboard.

Skate Rated / Skate Tested Bearings

The ABEC rating was initially developed for industrial bearings because, in contrast to skateboard bearings, they roll much faster in a clean environment. In contrast to industrial bearings, skateboarders apply different forces, and while skating, their wheels come into contact with mud and water. Because of this, specialty bearing brand names no longer even mention it.

Skateboard bearing manufacturers like Bones Bearings have their rating scale to rate their bearings. These businesses have produced bearings designed especially for skateboards.

These bearings were created specifically to withstand the pressure or impact of skateboarding.

Bearing Construction

Without bearings, our wheels would rub against the axle with a lot of friction. Ball bearings with rolling elements allow us to almost completely eliminate friction.

Interestingly, 99% of the bearings on the market will fit every skateboard truck and skateboard wheel, so there is no need to worry about sizing.

When we open a seemingly small bearing, we can see it is made up of numerous components.


A C-ring is a slim ring used to secure a detachable metal shield to the outer race or ring.

The Inner And Outer Rings:

On the inside of each bearing is a smaller ring, and the outer ring, or race, is on the outside. On the outer race or ring, a C-ring secures a detachable metal shield. The inner and outer walls of the bearing are made up of these rings, which also serve as the rolling track for the metal balls.

Bearing Balls:

The core of the bearing’s operation is its rotating and rolling balls. Normally, between the inner and outer rings, six or seven steel balls can freely roll. To prevent bearing balls from colliding with one another, a cage, also known as a retainer, spaces these balls. There is less friction and greater speed with fewer balls.


A nylon ball retainer or, occasionally, a metal cage is used to space the steel balls apart. To reduce friction and make it possible for the casing to rotate on its axis without interruption, the retainer holds the balls in place at equal distances from one another.

Rubber Seal Or A Shield

A shield, a small plastic ring-shaped component above the bearings, covers all of these. Balls are shielded from dirt and debris by shields that cover the sides. That plastic shield is simple to remove, which is helpful when you need to lubricate or clean the bearings.

Skateboard Bearing Material

Steel Bearings (stainless Vs. Chrome/carbon Steel Bearings)

Steel bearings are the type of bearing that are most frequently found on the market. The inner race, the outer race, and the balls are all made of metal and comprise a skate bearing. The races’ balls are silver, and all of these are made of steel.

All three components are made of chrome steel when using carbon steel bearings. As opposed to chrome/carbon steel, stainless steel is used to make the balls and occasionally the races of bearings. Stainless steel resists rusting more slowly than chrome steel, making it ideal for skating in the rain. On the other hand, since stainless steel bearings are softer than those made of chrome or carbon steel, they don’t last as long. Bearings made of stainless steel cost a little more than those made of carbon steel.

Steel bearings come in a variety of grades, with different grades of steel being used in the races and the interior ball bearings. In comparison to cheaper bearings made from inferior materials, more expensive skateboard bearings are thought to have better sealing, more inner ball bearings, and higher-quality metals. Cheap bearings that are more likely to rust, clog with dirt, or make an annoying screech, or they’ll stiffen up, slowing the wheel down.

The drawback of steel bearings is that they frequently rust when exposed to moisture. Avoid rolling through puddles or skating in the rain if you want your bearings to last. Instead, keep them well-oiled.

Bearings that use higher grade steel are faster and more enduring. So it is advised to purchase some high-quality, relatively expensive bearings that provide better sealing, more inner ball bearings, and premium metal rings.

Ceramic Skateboard Bearings:

A set of ceramic bearings will help you improve your skateboarding. These high-quality bearings are currently sold by many different businesses. Despite the fact that the inner and outer rings of ceramic bearings are still made of steel, the black ceramic balls are actually hybrid bearings. Because ceramic balls don’t rust when exposed to moisture, these bearings are ideal for anyone who enjoys skating in the rain. fantastic for cruisers and rain boards.


Although slightly more expensive than typical metal bearings, ceramic bearings are thought to be of very high quality and don’t need much upkeep. While the metal rings are resistant to rusting, the ceramic balls are not. Therefore, if at all possible, avoid using them in wet conditions.

Steel Versus Ceramic Bearings:

Since ceramic bearings are more expensive than steel bearings, there is some debate in the skateboarding community about whether it is worthwhile to purchase them instead of steel bearings. Compared to steel bearings, ceramic bearings are tougher. They are more enduring, lasting five to twenty times longer.

Compared to its steel counterpart, the ceramic bearing operates more effectively, quickly, and smoothly. Essentially, the ceramic balls inside and the better-quality steel outside are responsible for some of the reduced friction and smooth ride you experience with ceramic bearings. Ceramic bearings are often more expensive because they have superior steel rings and sealing.

Ceramic bearings are high-temperature resistant and never rust. As a result, they don’t expand and generate less friction, leading to high speed. Steel balls, however, never get hot enough to warp or have an impact on performances.

Last but not least, because ceramic is less dense than steel, ceramic bearings are lighter than steel bearings. But you won’t notice because the weight difference is so slight.

The drawback of ceramic bearings is that because the material is rigid, it can break, crack, or chip when subjected to high impact. Ceramic bearings are more susceptible to thermal shock than metal bearings and have lower load capacities. In light of this, they are not appropriate as transition wheels for tricks, skating gaps, or stair sets, nor are they suitable as street skating wheels.

Because they require less upkeep, ceramic bearings are preferred by skaters who stick with them. They view it as an investment because one set of ceramic could last longer than two or even three steel mid-priced sets!

Titanium Bearings:

The balls and races in titanium bearings are made of steel with a titanium nitride coating rather than actual titanium. Because of its strength and corrosion resistance, titanium is light, strong, and very rust-resistant. Although much more durable than steel, it is regrettably much more expensive as a raw material.

One drawback of titanium is that the coating will gradually wear off, returning your bearings to the old standard steel ones. Titanium bearings require lubrication for high efficiency, just like standard bearings.

Speed Washers

Speed washers are tin metal rings that are typically used with skate bearings to prevent the bearing from rubbing against the axle nut or hanger face. Before the nut and following the bearing, these rings are mounted on the truck axel. In addition, it is situated between the hanger and the bearing.

Speed washers are essential for reducing friction so that the wheel can roll more quickly, as their name suggests. Only the axel diameter needs to be taken into account when using a spacer, and speed washers with an 8 mm diameter are required for skateboarding. If you don’t have speed rings, some trucks also don’t have enough thread on the axle to allow you to tighten the nuts down. Without a bearing spacer for the inner race, you risk overtightening your axels. The bearings would be slowed down and would be rapidly worn out. If you tighten the nut sufficiently, spacers also guard the bearing against harm.

In order for the wheels to spin freely without restriction, spacers may be necessary. As the side-to-side play increases beyond what the bearing can handle, the wheel will be noisy while being driven and the bearing will quickly wear out. The wheels would eventually come off as the bearing eventually exploded.

Your wheels must have bearing spacers installed because they prolong the life of the bearings and enable quiet, smooth rolling. Since you can reuse them with a fresh set of bearings, you probably won’t need to buy new ones for a while.

Bearing’s Spacers

In order to maintain proper alignment and to facilitate tightening without limiting wheel spin, some bearing sets include small cylindrical spacers that are installed between the axle nut and the ball bearing itself. The majority of skating styles don’t require them.

Spacers also guarantee that your bearings stay parallel to one another. Those who have soft wheels or so-called “non-core” wheel installations, which may otherwise experience misalignment due to uneven wear on one side, may find it especially prudent to use spacers.

If you are a longboarder or casual skater who enjoys cruising, you might not need to worry about bearing spacers because you won’t put as much pressure on the wheels as professional skaters who perform tricks do.

Ways To Maintain Skateboard Bearings

If you’re concerned about how difficult maintaining your new set of bearings will be, you might be pleasantly surprised by how simple it is. It only requires a quick soak in isopropyl alcohol followed by a few drops of the bearing lubricant of your choice (I recommend Bones Speed Cream).

Here are the fundamental steps, even though I go into greater detail about this procedure in my guide to cleaning and lubricating bearings.

You must first take off all of the bearing shields before submerging them in a small container that has been filled with enough isopropyl alcohol.

Swish the soaked bearings around a bit before patting them dry with a paper towel.

After cleaning the bearing completely, lubricate it by adding 3–4 drops of bearing lubricant to each of the bearing balls and rotating it in your fingers.

All that’s left to do is use your fingers to press the shields back into place and reinstall your wheels once you’ve lubricated all of the bearings.

Depending on how frequently you skate, you should perform this procedure every few weeks to a few months to keep your bearings in top condition and prevent speeding.

Ways To Change Your Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard bearing replacement is a quick and simple process that doesn’t require any special tools when you purchase a new set.

Although I went into more detail about this in my guide to replacing skateboard bearings, I’ll do it again in a nutshell here.

Axle nuts on all four wheels should first be removed using your skate tool or a 1/2″ wrench.

Lift your wheel so that the tip of the axle is directly inside the first bearing you want to remove. Pry the wheel back in to remove the bearing after it has been put in place. Now repeat that for each of the eight bearings.

Simply take the bearing press that comes with your skate tool and press the bearing firmly into the wheel to install your new bearings. Wheels and bearings can be pushed against your truck hanger if your skate tool does not have a bearing press.

Each bearing in the wheel needs to be properly seated. When the bearing can no longer be slid into the wheel, it is clearly seated. Retighten your axle nuts after the last bearing is in place, then start skating again!

Skateboard Bearing FAQs

Can All Wheels Be Beared With Skateboard Bearings?

Yes, every skateboard bearing is built to fit every skateboard wheel. The industrial 608 bearing, which has a width of 7mm, an outer diameter of 22mm, and an 8mm bore, is the typical skateboard bearing. All skateboard wheels and trucks are made to fit a bearing of this size.

This simplifies your search for new bearings or wheels. The same bearing dimensions apply, even between various build materials.

Which Bearings Should Be Replaced When?

When you see excessive rust and corrosion on the bearing balls and races, it’s a good idea to replace your skateboard bearings. The bearing’s ability to move at high speeds will be restricted by the rust and corrosion, which will also reduce their smoothness. A set of bearings ought to last between 12 and 24 months, depending on how frequently you lubricate and clean them.

Of course, this can also depend on how frequently you skate and the weather you skate in. The bearings eventually wear out a little bit quicker if you skate every day. You shouldn’t need to replace them any time soon if you keep up with routine maintenance.

However, the lifespan of your bearings will be shortened if you frequently skate in the rain without drying and lubricating them afterward.

Skateboard Bearings: Do They Need Spacers?

Bearing spacers are helpful to increase stability at high speeds and make your board feel more responsive to weight transfers. However, the use of spacers is optional and depends on the individual. While spacers aren’t typically required for park and street skaters, they can enhance your board’s performance when longboarding and transition skating.

I’d advise using any spacers that came with your new set of bearings so you can judge for yourself how they feel. There is no right or wrong answer on this one; I have debated using them myself.

Just keep in mind that if you aren’t using bearing spacers, you won’t be able to tighten your wheels as much.

Could Skateboard Bearings Get Wet?

Ceramic bearings can get wet even though it is not advised for any skateboard bearing to do so because it could cause severe rust or corrosion later on. However, if you frequently use steel bearings in wet environments, they will quickly deteriorate.

Because the bearing balls cannot rust, ceramic bearings are the only ones that can be used in the rain. This indicates that no matter what you throw at the bearing balls, they will continue to roll freely and smoothly (almost). It is clear that this is not the case with steel bearings.

Ceramic bearings can be a more appealing option for people who commute to work or who start skating just to cruise around.

Does Breaching In Of Skateboard Bearings Implementation?

Skateboard bearings do not require breaking in. The axle nut is overtight, and that is the only explanation for a new bearing not spinning as you would expect. The axle nut can be made to spin freely without creating extra friction by slightly loosening it.

You will therefore notice immediate improvements without the need for a delay as soon as you install those new bearings in your wheels.

The End

If you are using a pre-built skateboard, you might not need bearings right away, but you might need them if you are putting your skateboard together or if your most recent trick left ball bearings all over the floor. Then you may require some of the best skateboard bearings on the market. After testing 100 bearings for 100 hours under various conditions, we did the labor-intensive work for you and came up with a list of the best bearings for skateboards and longboards. I sincerely hope the information above is very useful.

I’d like to thank you for reading.

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