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How To Turn On A Skateboard In Easy & Quick Way

First, how to turn on a skateboard?

Verify the truck’s tightness. Look for a location with flat ground. beginning to ride normally. You should slant your body in the direction you want to turn. Resuming your normal position while maintaining your balance.

Let’s start with skateboarding turns.

Please read on for a more thorough explanation of how to turn a skateboard.

How To Turn On A Skateboard?

You should already be an expert skater before you head to the skatepark to learn how to ollie or kickflip. Make sure you are familiar with leaning to turn your skateboard.

Verify Trucks’ Tightness

Stand on your skateboard deck and lean left and right before attempting your first turn. It indicates that your trucks are tight if your deck barely tilts, which will make turning challenges. Your trucks are loose if your board tilts easily; while looser trucks facilitate turning, they also make your deck unstable and challenging to control. In order to compress or decompress the polyurethane bushings in your trucks, you must tighten or loosen the kingpin nut on your board. Even after you begin practicing, keep adjusting your skateboard trucks to ensure a proper setting. Generally speaking, tighter trucks are preferable to loose trucks for beginners.

Look For A Smooth & Level Place 

Usually, a parking lot or garage is a great choice.

As You Normally Would, Begin Riding

As soon as you start to pick up some speed, keep going.

Turn Body By Leaning In That Direction

Put pressure on your toes to make a frontside right turn if you’re skating in the standard stance, which uses your left foot as your front foot. Use your heels as leverage when making a backside left turn. Your turn will be sharper the more you lean. Simply reverse the directions for skaters who adopt the goofy stance, where the right foot serves as the front foot.

Maintain Balance

To avoid falling off balance when the board turns, make sure to maintain a balanced weight distribution. Kneel down to lower your center of gravity and prevent falling in the direction you’re turning.

Resume Normal Stance, Move

Return your weight to the middle of your feet once you’re ready to stop turning.

Things Of How To Turn On A Skateboard

  • Both the leaning technique and the kick-turn technique can be used to turn.
  • To turn your board using the leaning technique, ride with your feet over the board’s bolts, then lean forward or backward while attempting to maintain your balance.
  • When performing a kick-turn, you should ride with your feet in the proper positions, move your back foot over the tail, gently press down, and then use your front foot to direct your board in the desired direction as the nose lifts up.
How To Turn On A Skateboard In Easy & Quick Way
How To Turn On A Skateboard In Easy & Quick Way

Extra Tip On How To Turn On A Skateboard

  • The tightness of the kingpin on the trucks will determine whether it is easier or harder to skateboard through a turn.
  • It will be quicker and simpler for you to turn if your trucks are more slack.
  • A skateboard becomes challenging to ride, if not impossible, when it is too loose.
  • It is up to you to fine-tune and find the right balance for your riding style because each skater has a different preference for tightness level.

Turns Types 

There are numerous ways to turn a skateboard. However, we’ll show you some of the simplest and most typical ways to turn on a skateboard.

Let’s look at some examples of turns you can practice to become a pro:


Both novice and expert skaters agree that this is the simplest and most efficient technique for using a board.

It is advised that you slightly loosen the truck on your skateboard before beginning to learn how to turn by carving. How much your truck is loosened completely determines how much your board turns. It would be difficult for a beginner to balance on a board with very loose trucks, so I would advise tightened trucks (not very loose).

Ride your skateboard and begin practicing turns after a little truck lubrication. Move on to the steps now and learn everything step-by-step.

Steps for carving on a skateboard:

  1. Start Pushing
  2. Reposition your foot on the deck.
  3. Lean in the direction you want to turn
  4. Keep practicing


A kick-turn is a way to maneuver your board while you’re riding. It allows for a quick and abrupt direction change when turning your skateboard. In order to kick-turn your skateboard, you must first push the tail of the board with your back foot, lift the nose of the board, and then turn with your front foot.

Get step-by-step instructions on how to kick-turn a skateboard:

  1. Push and start moving
  2. Position your foot
  3. Raise the nose of the board
  4. Redirect your foot in the desired direction
  5. Land front wheels to the ground

Tic-tac Turn

However, the majority of skateboarders are aware that there are only two different ways to turn a skateboard. Here, we’re going to introduce you to a few brand-new, simple skills.

Tic-tac is another maneuver you can use to steer your skateboard. It works well when you want to quickly avoid small obstacles like pebbles, cracks, or bumps in the pavement. Tic-tac aids the skater in making a sharp, immediate turn of about 70–80 degrees.

Discover how to play tic tac toe:

  1. Place your foot immediately in kick-turn position
  2. Slightly push back foot
  3. Raise the nose of the board a little
  4. Change direction now
  5. Do it again
  6. Keep Practicing.

Turn Left And Right On A Skateboard

The skateboard deck will tip to the left as well when you lean to the left. In the bottom of trucks, it will cause the kingpin bolt to rotate. Likewise, the hanger for trucks and wheels. They’ll also make a left turn. Both trucks and wheels will behave the same and turn the whole board along with you to the left.

You must maintain composure and place your weight in the middle of the board when turning. Upon completion of the turn, the skateboard’s trucks, wheels, and deck revert to their initial state. The same principles apply when making a right turn.

Make A Skateboard Turn Easier

You can follow the steps below to make turning easier:

  1. select a skateboard that is lightweight and has a nose and tail on the both edges. When leaning fails, it is helpful to kick-turn because it facilitates turning.
  2. use shoes with fine grip so that you can push well and hold the board under you strongly. With the aid of the shoe, you can turn the skateboard deck in the desired direction while still holding the deck with your feet.
  3. loosen both trucks or the front truck. You can turn with your board but find it difficult to maintain balance if you loosen the front truck while keeping the rear truck tight.
  4. The board will turn smoothly as you lean left or right if you loosen both trucks. Make sure not to overtighten the bolts on the truck. If you do this while driving quickly, your deck will slide on the road’s surface.

The trucks are adjusted so that they stay stiff by the 9/16″ kingpin nut. To turn it, you must tighten or loosen as necessary. To find the standard setting that turns, keep testing by adjusting the kingpin nut loosely and firmly.

Reasons For Skateboard Not Turning

The issue could have a variety of causes. Skateboards hover over a set of wheels. Trucks have wheels attached to them with bearings inside. If bearings are stuck then the skateboard wheel may stop spinning causing the board not to run and turn.

The board may turn more challengingly if the trucks are too close together. Turning in an inclined direction may be challenging if you place too much body weight on the front side of the board.

Final Words

The article’s main emphasis was on skateboard turns.

It can be challenging to control the direction of a skateboard for a beginner. To control the skateboard’s trajectory, you must control your body weight, stance, riding environment, and a variety of other factors. In spite of this, turning a board is always a possibility.

So, now that you’ve read the post, are you able to turn on a skateboard? Please post a comment if you have any questions about how to turn on a skateboard. I’ll respond right away.

Last but not least, I want to say thanks for reading.

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