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14 Best Skateboard For Adults: Tips For Buying A Skateboard

Sports and other outdoor activities are typically dominated by teenagers and young children nine out of ten times. Adults frequently observe competitions from the sidelines and support all participants. Skateboarding may be comparable in this regard. Adults may be less engaged if they believe they are too old to skateboard.

The time has come to abandon this idea. Learn about the best skateboard for adults and see how skateboarding fits all ages.

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Best Skateboard For Adults

Arcade Pro Skateboard

Arcade Pro Skateboard
Arcade Pro Skateboard

I value the Arcade Pro Skateboard because as a beginner, I needed a board to aid in my learning. The trucks on this skateboard are made of perfectly durable T6 aluminum and have carbon steel axles. These parts enable the skateboard to adapt to my less deliberate board movements without compromising.

The wheels on this skateboard are the next aspect I adore. Four perfect-sized 54mm 95a rollers with the ideal hardness level are included with the Arcade Pro. These wheels have adequate riding traction and are quick thanks to their premium ABEC-7 bearings. Riding this skateboard now feels more enjoyable. Therefore, it is among the best skateboards for adults.

ANDRIMAX Skateboard for Beginners

ANDRIMAX Skateboard for Beginners
ANDRIMAX Skateboard for Beginners

Hardware is what makes the ANDRIMAX Skateboard for Beginners the best beginner skateboard for adults. It includes a set of strong nails that keep the skateboard’s components firmly in place. Due to the board’s increased durability as a result of these components, I feel more secure when I’m riding.

The truck system of this skateboard is another feature that aids in my balance. It is equipped with a pair of PU dampings that work to reduce vibrations caused by rough roads. Additionally, by absorbing shocks, these components keep me stable while riding the board. The parts under my deck are dependable when used with premium aluminum trucks.

Arbor Fish Bamboo 37-inch Complete Longboard

Arbor Fish Bamboo 37-inch Complete Longboard
Arbor Fish Bamboo 37-inch Complete Longboard

The compact pintail Fish longboard from Arbor has a long wheelbase that makes it ideal for cruising. This 37-inch board has a flexible deck that gives it stability and speed, as well as a top made of carbonized bamboo and hardrock maple from sustainably managed forests. It’s one of the best skateboards for adults, therefore.

Beleev Skateboard For Beginners

Beleev Skateboard For Beginners
Beleev Skateboard For Beginners

One of the best beginner skateboards that gives the user complete control of the board is the Beleev Skateboard for Beginners, which has a double kick concave design. It supports better board control, positioning, and even braking for me. Anyone will find it easy to learn the fundamentals of skateboarding with it.

The deck’s durability is another advantage I receive from this skateboard manufacturer. The Beleev is constructed of seven layers of maple wood that have been carefully pressed together. The durability of this deck’s construction is why I like it. It also has the advantage of supporting up to 220 pounds, so it can accommodate heavier people. Consequently, it is among the best skateboards for adults.

DISUPPO Skateboard

DISUPPO Skateboard
DISUPPO Skateboard

The DISUPPO Skateboard has some of the best parts below the stepping surface, and it has a pair of trucks in a classic color. The trucks that come with this skateboard have an anti-rust finish. This feature keeps these components less susceptible to water penetration, thereby extending their useful life.

The deck of this skateboard is another feature I adore. The Disuppo has a 7-layered, radially concave Canadian maple deck. Any rider can perform tricks with this board shape. Therefore, I never felt it was too difficult to learn some difficult stunts on this skateboard.

Enjoi Heart 31-inch Cruiser Skateboard

Enjoi Heart 31-inch Cruiser Skateboard
Enjoi Heart 31-inch Cruiser Skateboard

This 31-inch Enjoi skateboard is a good choice if you want to polish your tricks for the park and the street. The 8.375-inch resin deck weighs little and has carbon steel speed bearings, Tensor trucks, and 95a wheels.

Geelife Pro Skateboard

Geelife Pro Skateboard
Geelife Pro Skateboard

The Geelife Pro Skateboard, one of my favorite skateboards, has a set of 95a 55mm wheels that provide exceptionally smooth riding. For me, these rollers are the ideal size. These wheels are not only precise but also easy to maneuver when used with ABEC-7 bearings.

The size of the deck is the next element that contributes to my rides being comfortable. The length and wheelbase measurements of this Geelife are 31 and 15.7 inches, respectively. Particularly for inexperienced riders, these figures offer plenty of stability. Most importantly, this skateboard has a stepping surface that is 8 Prime wide, giving me plenty of room to move and better position my feet.

Gonex Standard Skateboard

Gonex Standard Skateboard
Gonex Standard Skateboard

The Gonex Standard Skateboard is one of the few complete skateboards with the best durability, according to the design of the deck. In order to give the deck on this skateboard enough flex and toughness, it has nine layers of strong Canadian maple wood. I feel safer and more stable when riding thanks to this composition.

The deck’s size is yet another aspect I adore about this skateboard. The 31 x 8-inch deck size of the Gonex is ideal for adult riders. When choosing boards, the length may not matter much, but the width gives me balance, especially when gliding. Therefore, it is among the best skateboards for adults.

PHOEROS Skateboard

PHOEROS Skateboard
PHOEROS Skateboard

I found the PHOEROS Skateboard during my search for skateboards that are good for tricks. I can be more imaginative with my ride thanks to the high-quality deck and double warped design of this skateboard for adult beginners. This feature is great because it makes pivots, slides, street skating, and sharp turns simple for me.

The skateboard’s trucks are the next feature I adore. PHOEROS created a set of sturdy aluminum skateboard trucks that enhance stability and balance. High-rebound PU dampings on these parts also increase riding security and comfort. I feel safer and more assured driving with these features. It’s one of the best skateboards for adults, therefore.

WhiteFang Skateboard

WhiteFang Skateboard
WhiteFang Skateboard

The WhiteFang Skateboard’s adaptability to various skating environments is one of my favorite features. It has a double kick dissymmetric deck that makes me feel balanced. I feel safe riding it because of the non-slip emery grip tape. Due to these characteristics, this skateboard is appropriate for use on skate ramps, skate parks, and city streets.

This skateboard’s deck is supported by solid, long-lasting parts. The first category includes trucks made of a compound of magnesium, which offers plenty of durability. The wheels are another noteworthy component. With a 95a hardness rating, these PU rollers provide enough rebound to enable me to easily navigate cracks and other obstructions.

METROLLER Skateboard for Beginners

METROLLER Skateboard for Beginners
METROLLER Skateboard for Beginners

The METROLLER Skateboard for Beginners has the level of stability I require and is constructed with a strong, sturdy design. This skateboard is dependable thanks to its 7-layer maple deck and aluminum trucks. The fact that this deck can support a person weighing up to 220 lbs., however, is what I like most about it.

This skateboard has a layer of superior grip tape sandpaper on top for a better riding experience. Because there is enough friction between this non-slip grip tape and my skate shoes, my feet feel locked and secure. Because this component is waterproof, it not only improves my ability to control the board but also helps to safeguard my deck. It’s one of the best skateboards for adults, therefore.

Ko-on Skateboard

Ko-on Skateboard
Ko-on Skateboard

The Ko-on Skateboard is one of my favorite go-to skateboards because of its flexible deck design. It has a double kick shape that makes learning the fundamentals of skating simple for skateboarders of all skill levels. Additionally, this deck has enough flex, making flips, ollies, slides, and sharp turns simpler to execute.

The body of this board is made of Canadian maple, which is fantastic. The skateboard is more dependable and durable thanks to this composition. Additionally, this wood enables the deck to support riders weighing up to 330 pounds. Thus, it is adaptable to both the user’s build and the intended use. The best skateboard for adults, therefore, is this one.

WeSkate Skateboard

WeSkate Skateboard
WeSkate Skateboard

The WeSkate Skateboard’s user-friendly design makes sure that all of its users effectively learn skateboarding. The deck of this skateboard has seven layers and is concave in shape with warped ends. The board can be controlled more effectively thanks to these features. They also assisted me in quickly picking up a few simple tricks.

This board’s deck’s size is yet another feature I adore. It has a deck width of 8 inches and a length of 31 inches. My feet can move more freely thanks to the adequate stepping surface that this adult-sized skateboard offers. Furthermore, this deck feels wide enough for my build, which gives me confidence while riding.

Pwigs Pro Complete Skateboard

Pwigs Pro Complete Skateboard
Pwigs Pro Complete Skateboard

The Pwigs Pro Complete Skateboard is the option I’d choose if I had to categorize them as heavy-duty. The body of this skateboard is made of Canadian maple wood, which offers exceptional toughness. Additionally, this board has a 330 lb weight capacity. This indicates that it is not only sturdy but also appropriate for plus-size adult beginners.

I believe this skateboard is also adaptable. It works in almost any skateboarding space and has a sturdy build. It’s appropriate for use in skate parks, bowls, ramps, and even the streets. As a result, I get to enjoy skating more and have fun using different skills.

Choose The Best Skateboard For You

It’s important to keep in mind that the best skateboard for a commuter might not be suitable for a trick enthusiast. Your height, foot size, intended riding location and style, as well as your personal preferences, all factor into the best skateboard for adults. A complete board might be the best option if you’re just starting out because you can always upgrade your parts once you develop your skating style.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most common pre-assembled skateboard types:


The most adaptable board is the symmetrical pill-shaped one, which typically has hard wheels and is perfect for skating on pavement and skateparks. Standard skateboards come in a variety of deck widths; generally speaking, you should choose one that is proportional to your foot. Men’s shoe sizes 6 to 8 are best accommodated by deck widths of 7.25 to 7.375 inches, while shoe sizes 9 and up are best served by boards 7.5 to 9 inches wide. Depending on your shoe size, you might want to choose a narrow board if you intend to use it for technical tricks; on the other hand, commuters might prefer a wider board for comfort and stability.


Cruisers (and the soft wheels that come with them) are the best for rolling on bumpy sidewalks and roads if you’re just looking to get around. The shape of cruisers varies depending on how you ride, and decks are comparable to traditional skateboards.


Do you intend to gain some speed? Longboards are good for learning, cruising, and riding downhill and over long distances because they are stable.

What Is The Best Size Skateboard For Beginners Adults

Finding the ideal adult beginner skateboard size is straightforward. For adults who are just getting started, a width of 8 Prime will be ideal. Wider decks at 8.5″ can also be ideal. However, both adult skateboard sizes help the rider balance better by offering lots of stepping surfaces.

Adults’ standard length is 31 Prime. Considering the user’s age and build, this deck feature might not be as important as the width.

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How Do Adults Skateboard

The degree of control is the only distinction between a child learning to skateboard and an adult. However, learning the fundamentals is a requirement for skaters of all ages and is the key to good skating. Adults should get the following skateboarding basics down pat.

  • Duckwalk – This maneuver enables the skateboarder to turn the skateboard at wider angles by using the tail.
  • Pushing – Everyone needs to learn how to drive the board in order to build up enough momentum before sliding down the ramp or bowl.
  • Pumping – One of the first places you want to try is a skateboard bowl, so you should get good at pumping. You’ll gain speed from a bowl’s walls by following this step.

As beginners, we still need to learn more fundamental skills. Additionally, let’s never forget that maintaining balance is essential to performing all of these skills.

Is Longboard Easier Than Skateboard

Yes, longboards make learning to skate much simpler than a skateboard. With longboards, users can learn one skating technique at a time as opposed to many at once. This type of board aids in better balance because it has a larger stepping area than a skateboard.

You don’t have to purchase a longboard, though. You will still learn all the skills if you carry out each skateboarding maneuver correctly.

Do I Need Riser Pads

One element that not everyone finds appealing is a riser pad. Having this anti-shock pad on your skateboard has numerous advantages for you even though it is not a required installation.

In order to avoid wheel bites during rides, riser pads increase the distance between your deck and wheels. Additionally, especially on slightly uneven roads, these anti-shock PU layers aid in minimizing impact. Therefore, having these parts increases the safety and comfort of your skateboard.

14 Best Skateboard For Adults Tips For Buying A Skateboard
14 Best Skateboard For Adults: Tips For Buying A Skateboard

Tips For Buying A Skateboard As An Adult Beginner

Choose The Right Wheels

Choose some medium-hard wheels since you’re just starting out skateboarding. If you want to skate the street and perform tricks, anything between durometer (hardness) 96a and 99a is acceptable.

If you just want to cruise, take the wheels between 78A and 87A. You can maintain your balance better if the ride is smoother. You’ll pick up pushing, riding fakie, and even skating switch much more quickly.

When you feel in control, you can choose tougher wheels. You simply want to keep your wheels clear of cracks and rocks for the time being. Small obstacles won’t have as much of an impact on softer wheels as they will on harder wheels.

Additionally, size is important. Since I’ve already written a lengthy post about wheels, I won’t delve too deeply into this. To find out everything there is to know about skateboard wheels, visit my post if you’re interested.

Larger, softer wheels will generally accelerate you more quickly, but they are more difficult to maneuver on technical terrain. Technical skateboarding benefits from smaller, harder wheels because they accelerate more quickly. Here are the best skateboard wheels I suggest. I’ve included a few that work well for cruising comfortably on the street, in skate parks, and other situations.

Pick The Proper Width

a little bit crucial for beginners. A wider deck gives beginners more stability, which they’ll need when they first start out, as I previously mentioned. This is not to say that you can’t learn to skateboard on a smaller deck. I like wider decks personally because I feel more stable on them.

If you’re still not convinced, go with an 8.25″ instead of an 8, as it offers a little bit more stability, but you won’t be able to perform kickflips any time soon. The truth is that, if you choose to purchase an 8″, you will probably grow accustomed to it. Simply put, I advise wider boards because they might aid balance maintenance more so than a smaller deck. I make every effort to prevent injuries as an older skater.

There’s No Real Difference In Shoe Size.

Your height is more important than your shoe size, which is really irrelevant. Some people contend that if you have larger feet, you need a wider deck. Unless you have very big feet, this isn’t really the case. Just be cautious that they don’t stand out too much.

A longer, wider deck will be more advantageous for taller riders than for shorter or average-height riders.

I am familiar with skaters who use wide decks and those who use small decks despite having enormous feet. You guessed it—it’s just a matter of taste. However, I do advise wearing skate shoes, and here’s why.

Simply observe some of the nearby children. While using adult-sized boards, they continue to flip their decks. They adjust and assume a position that is almost a crouch, keeping their center of gravity low.

Only if you have feet big enough to play basketball does it matter. I would advise a wider deck in those circumstances. You are probably heavier than the average person, so a sturdy deck isn’t a bad idea, not just because of your shoe size.

Go For A Medium / Mellow Concave

A deck’s y-axis is curved in a way known as the concave. While making your deck flip faster, more concave makes your ride less stable. Pick a mellow concave, which is a concave shape that is medium in size.

Although you’ll need more force to ollie with a less steep concave, you’ll typically have more control over your tricks. Avoid steep concaves until you decide you want to learn technical tricks because it reduces stability.


Obtain some reliable direction. They need not be expensive. Spending a fortune on Swiss premium bearings is not advised. Simply purchase regular Bones Reds bearings, and you should be good to go for a while. To extend their lifespan, simply keep them away from water and dirt.

Be wary of the low-quality Chinese imitations that you can find on Amazon! Visit your neighborhood store or a reputable online skate shop.

In case you were curious, yes. The performance of your skateboard wheels is unrelated to ABEC. When I was younger, we firmly believed that the better the bearings, the higher the ABEC number. This turned out not to be the case. Simply purchase a few Bones Swiss reds or Bones reds.

Protect Your Bearings With Spacers

Small tubes that fit between your bearings are called spacers. Small, hollow, and pipe-shaped are spacers. As you fasten the nut to the truck axle, they shield your bearings from damage.

Make sure to check before you buy because some wheelsets come with them. By the way, spacers are very inexpensive and have no detrimental effects on performance.

If you’re building your skateboard from scratch, make sure to mount the bearings in the following order: first, the spacer, then the other bearing.

Do You Recommend Riser Pads

Although not everyone agrees that riser pads actually do anything, shock pads at least offer some comfort for street riding. Between your deck and your truck’s baseplate, riser pads are positioned.

Riser pads are necessary to prevent wheel bite if you want larger wheels (58-60mm and up). There are various pads available; the thinner ones serve primarily as dampeners, while the larger ones add some space between your deck and your wheels.

Just pick a pair of 1/8″ shock pads to be sure and don’t forget to get 1″ hardware. They can lessen pressure cracks brought on by baseplate impacts from the truck. You need a smooth ride generally, so I would get them. In any case, they are very inexpensive.

Stock Bushings Aren’t All That Great

Bushings are very significant but frequently neglected. Frequently, stock bushings on complete standard skateboards are too supple for adult use.

This mostly depends on your weight; if you’re a heavier skateboarder, think about using harder bushings. Greater steering is possible with softer bushings, whereas tighter trucks are maintained with harder bushings.

The majority of trucks have bushings that are suitable for beginners, but some brands won’t work for you (Independent is a safe option). Simply tighten the axle nut screws if they feel excessively loose. You might want to think about harder bushings if you’re a little heavier or bigger.

Consider purchasing Bones Hardcore bushings; they behave predictably and require little adjustment.

Fancy Or Simple Grip Tape

You won’t fall off your deck thanks to the grip tape. It’s the dark, sandpaper-like material covering the top of your deck. Although there are many different kinds of grip available, regular grip tape works just fine! Personally, I think Jessup grip tape is the best because it provides lots of grip without being overly scratchy. If you need more grip, Mob and Grizzly are great choices

Today’s prints are really cool; alas, I wish they had been around when I was a child. I wouldn’t attempt it right now because if it were too fancy, people would start expecting me to jump 12 stairs. I’ll just stick to the fundamentals, even though I like the laser-imprinted custom grip tapes that are offered on Etsy.

It’s All About Stability And Balance

I’ll start with a broad recommendation. Balance is crucial to skateboarding. I can definitely tell the difference between an 8-inch skateboard deck and a wider skateboard deck. I suppose you could say this is a matter of preference, but I simply feel more secure on a wider deck.

I advise beginners to choose an 8.25 or an 8.5. When you’re a beginner, wider decks give you more stability. You could always advance to a narrower deck after you master the fundamentals. Although wider boards do not flip and pop as frequently as a narrow deck, put that concern aside for the time being.

Don’t worry about it too much though; you’ll also be fine with an 8″ deck. Just make sure the trucks you choose are compatible with your deck’s dimensions.

Many skateboarders begin by learning ollies before they can even ride. Avoid being that person and learn the fundamentals first. This will help you advance much more quickly. Not to mention that it will raise the possibility of injuries. Wish I had done this when I was younger; my ankles might not have looked as silly as they do now.

Don’t Stress Out Too Much About Your Deck’s Length

Simply choose a standard deck and play with it; it won’t really matter. Although children are supposed to use medium and smaller decks, it is not really necessary. Just use a regular size unless you have to make a full split to place your feet on the bolts.

You should probably choose if you really want a longer…longboard, not a regular skateboard (sometimes referred to as popsicle skateboard). Longboards are not the topic of this article.

Final Words

One of the best pieces of gear to use when you want to engage in exhilarating outdoor activities is a skateboard. It’s also the best mode of transportation for quick commutes and even city exploration.

Whatever your goal, always review the best skateboard for adults who are just starting out to skate. You can then configure a unique board for your desired rides and learn more information about this equipment.

Never forget the ideas I’ve given you. Additionally, don’t forget to post your ideas in the comments section. Ride safely!

Thank you for reading.

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