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14 Best Hoverboard For Adults In 2022: Top Picks

Hoverboards are a popular form of transportation for both children and adults, whether you’re trying to get from point A to point B or you just want to have some fun. In addition to costing much less than the expensive first-generation models, manufacturers are now making high-quality hoverboards, and the inclusion of self-balancing technology has made them safer.

Which hoverboards are ideal for adults?

The best hoverboard for adults include: Gotrax SRX Pro, Segway Ninebot S, Gotrax Hoverfly ECO, Razor Hovertrax 2.0, FutureSaw Pro Edition, Gyroor Warrior, Gotrax SRX A6 Bluetooth Hoverboard…

Everything is good, but with so many options available, it’s harder than ever to find the one that best suits your needs. Fortunately, this also means that there is a hoverboard available for everyone.

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Best Hoverboard For Adults

Gotrax SRX Pro

Gotrax SRX Pro
Gotrax SRX Pro

We advise the Gotrax SRX Pro all-terrain hoverboard if you have looked the market for the best affordable hoverboard that you can ride on a variety of surfaces.

The most recent model in the SRX series, the SRX PRO, enables effortless exploration of any terrain. A good off-terrain hoverboard at half the price is a real steal considering that the majority of off-road models cost more than $400.

The SRX PRO has tough 8.5-inch rubber tires that can handle that challenging off-road terrain. It makes no difference if it’s on grass, sand, or mud. With a range of up to 7.5 miles on a single charge, the powerful board can accelerate up to a speed of 7.4 MPH regardless of the state of the road.

A 36V battery that fully charges in 2 to 2.5 hours powers the hoverboard’s dual 250 watt motors. The Gotrax SRX Pro is capable of carrying adults weighing up to 220 lbs. and is entertaining for children weighing more than 44 lbs. With a weight of 26.5 lbs, the board is somewhat transportable. The self-balancing hoverboard has a gyroscopic feature that keeps the foot deck level on the ground to ensure stability as the rider gets on and off the board. It’s a great choice for kids because of this.

With the built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can enjoy your journey while listening to some cool music.

The appeal and enjoyment of nighttime riding are increased by the LED lights. Additionally, it has a UL 2272 safety certification, which means there is no danger from fire or electricity.

Segway Ninebot S

Segway Ninebot S
Segway Ninebot S

Since the Segway Ninebot S is portable, simple to use, and offers the highest range of all the products reviewed in this guide, we suggest it if commuting is your primary use for a hoverboard.

The Segway Ninebot S can travel up to 13.7 miles on a single charge and has a top speed of 10 MPH thanks to its 400W dual motors and SmartBMS li-ion battery.

Despite its appearance, the Ninebot S weighs only 28 pounds, and you can use it even on rainy days thanks to its IP54 weather resistance rating.

Its knee control bar distinguishes it from the other hoverboards we’ve looked at. Not only is it excellent for beginners, but it will also make longer commutes easier on the rider.

The ride will feel smooth even on bumpy roads thanks to the 10.5-inch pneumatic tires’ excellent shock absorption. Speed limits, firmware updates, and even anti-theft protection can all be changed using the Segway Bluetooth smartphone app.

Gotrax Hoverfly ECO

Gotrax Hoverfly ECO
Gotrax Hoverfly ECO

The Hoverfly ECO hoverboard is one you should buy if you’re looking for an affordable hoverboard that combines cutting-edge technology with excellent performance.

However, despite being the least expensive hoverboard on this list, this balance scooter has a ton of great features, making it an excellent value. This self-balancing scooter is ideal for people of all ages and provides the greatest thrill and enjoyable riding experience.

With two 200-watt motors that have been increased in power to 400 watts, Hoverfly ECO can easily travel up to 7.4 MPH. Additionally, it makes use of super-fast charge technology, allowing for a 1.5-hour full recharge.

One of the scooters that let you go a long way on a single charge is this hoverboard. Depending on your weight and the terrain, it can travel up to 3 miles. The built-in alert system will notify you when the battery is running low. Additionally, it has the power to climb hills with an incline of up to 18 degrees. The board uses sophisticated gyroscopic technology that allows the rider to change their body weight to steer, slow down, or accelerate.

The board’s required tilt and speed are provided by sensors and electric motors built into its tires. It has a basic training mode as well, which makes riding it simpler for new riders.

The board is made to offer the highest level of security. All of the electric systems, charging systems, and batteries have been UL2272 certified to meet UL safety standards. Rubber tires and non-slip footpads further improve safety.

It is also equipped with safety bumpers, which increase durability and ensure a comfortable ride. With a carrying capacity of 220 lbs and a weight of 23.3 lbs, the hoverboard is lightweight.

The board comes with bright LED lights that change color when turning, moving forward, or reversing. It is also available in seven different colors. It does not have Bluetooth speakers because this is a beginner’s board.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor Hovertrax 2.0
Razor Hovertrax 2.0

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is a deserving addition to the already impressive list. There are many reasons why the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is among the best-selling hoverboards on Amazon.

The well-known brand Razor prioritizes safety above all else. As a result, products are trustworthy, well-built, and equipped with the necessary safety features. They don’t cut corners on durability, and it shows.

Given that you receive a safe product for you or your child, the price isn’t particularly impressive, but it’s not terrible either. A full charge will allow the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 to ride for up to 90 minutes at a top speed of 8 MPH. Razor specifies range in minutes rather than miles, in contrast to other brands, but we’ve found that it adds up to about 6-8 miles on a charge.

350 watts are used in the motor of the Razor Hovertrax 2.0. Two motors guarantee constant acceleration and passable climbing performance.

The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is a great option from a reputable company with strong support if you are concerned about safety and the UL2272 safety certificate. The Hovertrax 2.0 has multicolor LED lights up front but no Bluetooth speakers to show for it.

FutureSaw Pro Edition

FutureSaw Pro Edition
FutureSaw Pro Edition

Regarding safety and feature superiority, FutureSaw Pro is among the top hoverboards. From its energy efficiency to its steep hill grade and capacity to support heavy loads, this balance scooter excels in every way.

You can be sure that you’ll be safe while riding this hoverboard because it was constructed with premium materials that have undergone extensive testing and certification. Large weights can be supported by its chassis, which is made of aluminum and is quite sturdy.

The electric self-balancing scooter has a top-of-the-line LG lithium-ion battery that provides an amazing 5–6 hours of riding time or a maximum range of 12.4 miles. Even more impressive is the fact that the battery can be fully recharged in only 60 to 90 minutes. Its robust 350-watt dual motors and large 8-inch wheels allow it to easily ascend steep hills up to 30 degrees. Given that the majority of the highest-rated units have a 20-degree temperature limit, this is quite remarkable.

Due to its robust construction and powerful motors, it can support up to 264 lbs more weight than other self-balancing scooters. As a result, this is among the best hoverboards for riders who are heavier. With a top speed of 7 mph, it is safer for beginners and young children.

A carrying bag is included with the 29-pound FutureSaw Pro to make moving it easier. Unlike most boards, this one has an additional height that makes it simple to move over obstacles. In order to allow the rider to maneuver safely at night, it is equipped with dual LED headlights that illuminate a distance of over 6.5 feet in front of it.

To allow you to listen to your favorite music while riding, it also has Bluetooth speakers. Battery life warnings are also provided by a battery life indicator. With its many safety features and excellent performance, this advanced model is undoubtedly one of the safest and most dependable hoverboards available.

Gyroor Warrior

Gyroor Warrior
Gyroor Warrior

The Gyroor Warrior is a great hoverboard at a great price.

The Gyroor Warrior can traverse both smooth pavement and difficult terrains like grass or trails thanks to its two 350W motors and 8.5-inch pneumatic tires, which have good acceleration.

You can travel up to 9.5 miles on a single charge and reach an effective top speed of just under 10 mph by riding sensibly.

In its blue and red finish, the Gyroor Warrior hoverboard looks stunning and rides extremely safely. Additionally, if you want to listen to music while you’re out and about, it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

Gotrax SRX A6 Bluetooth Hoverboard

Gotrax SRX A6 Bluetooth Hoverboard
Gotrax SRX A6 Bluetooth Hoverboard

The most recent model in Gotrax’s SRX series is the SRX A6. The series aims to provide the user with enormous value while maintaining high standards for design and construction.

It’s not the most powerful hoverboard available, with a top speed of only 6.5 mph and a range of only 4 miles per charge, but at such a low price, it’s difficult to beat. This balancing scooter is simple to ride because of the gyroscopic technology that keeps the foot pedals level at all times.

It’s quite impressive that Gotrax was able to incorporate a Bluetooth speaker into this hoverboard despite the fact that it is very affordable, so that’s a nice addition for people who want to listen to music on the go. The 6.5-inch wheels have LED lights on the body and wheels for your safety.

Tomoloo Hoverboard With LED Lights

Tomoloo Hoverboard With LED Lights
Tomoloo Hoverboard With LED Lights

The Tomoloo Hoverboard with LED lights is a top choice for both children and adults because it is entertaining, quick, and simple to learn how to use. In fact, it is the best hoverboard overall and our top choice. It easily outperforms the other competitors on the list thanks to a 4-hour battery life, a 7.5 MPH top speed, and fun extras like LED lights and built-in Bluetooth speakers.

Of all the options on our list, the Tomoloo hoverboard with LED lights has the longest battery life, with a total operating time of 4 hours. This intelligent self-balancing hoverboard can be used carefree thanks to its long battery life. Of course, once it’s plugged in and you need to charge it when the battery eventually runs out, it only takes an hour to reach 100% capacity, which is among the fastest charging times on our list.

Numerous other features, such as flashing lights made of colorful LEDs and Bluetooth capabilities that let you play music straight from your phone, are also present on this Tomoloo Bluetooth Wireless Speaker hoverboard. The Tomoloo app, which doesn’t operate flawlessly always but still serves its purpose, allows you to control these features. You also receive a 1-year limited warranty from Tomoloo, which is a nice touch and covers any manufacturer defects. Read the list of the top kids’ scooters as well.

XPRIT Hoverboard

XPRIT Hoverboard
XPRIT Hoverboard

The XPRIT hoverboard offers the best value on our list while maintaining high-end features like a Bluetooth wireless speaker and LED lights. It is also the most affordable hoverboard on the market. This hoverboard is excellent for kids because of these features and the easy learning curve. Therefore, it receives our nod for best for kids and honorable mention.

When compared to the other hoverboards on our list, the Bluetooth-enabled XPRIT hoverboard is the choice with the best value due to its consistently low price. The XPRIT doesn’t give up too many features, despite its low cost, to help you save some money. It still provides a relatively quick speed at 7 MPH and plenty of “fun” features for kids, like colorful lights on the wheels and an integrated Bluetooth speaker.

Unfortunately, the XPRIT has the worst battery life on the list, lasting only 1.25 hours. However, given the low cost, a short battery life is to be expected. The run time will unavoidably let you down if you choose a budget model, unfortunately. The variety of colors and designs the XPRIT offers, each of which boasts impressive anti-slip footpads and sturdy construction, make up for this disappointing feature.

Tomoloo Self-balancing Hoverboard

Tomoloo Self-balancing Hoverboard
Tomoloo Self-balancing Hoverboard

With LED lights that flash in time with the music and excellent self-balancing capabilities that keep you balanced, the Tomoloo two-wheel self-balancing hoverboard offers some of the most distinctive features on the list. For increased durability and a longer lifespan, it also has a heat- and fire-resistant design. It has the best features and is the simplest to use.

A self-balancing scooter like this Tomoloo contains cutting-edge motherboards and components to improve overall stability and balance and make it extra simple to use. Although all of the hoverboards on our list have some form of balancing capability, none of them compare to this product in terms of performance. Additionally, compared to many other hoverboards, you’ll get a little bit more heat and fire resistance. All of the boards on our list are secure, but if you’re still concerned about sporadic overheating and catching fire, this additional protection may make you feel more secure.

Additionally, the Bluetooth speakers built into the device include LED lights that blink in time with the music. Be mindful of your battery life while using it because you can’t, unfortunately, turn off the LED lights to save batteries. But like our top pick, this Tomoloo has a top speed of 7.5 mph, a short charge time, and an impressive 4-hour battery life. The 1-year warranty that comes with Tomoloo will also take care of any manufacturer issues. The best 50cc scooter for you or your child will depend on how it compares to the others.

Swagboard Twist T881

Swagboard Twist T881
Swagboard Twist T881

The Swagtron Twist T881 hoverboard stands out from the competition thanks to its unique approach to battery and power. There are many Swagtron hoverboards available today, including the well-known Swagtron T1. The safer and more reliable alternative to a lithium-ion battery is used by this hoverboard, which instead relies on a lead-acid battery. This battery is our choice for the best value and longevity.

Due to its lead-acid battery pack rather than a lithium-ion battery, the Swagboard Twist T881 is arguably the most distinctive board on our list. In case you weren’t aware, battery fires and explosions were a common problem with early hoverboards. The issues with lithium batteries are not present with lead-acid batteries. This hoverboard is a good choice if battery issues are a concern for you. Unfortunately, this special design has the shortest warranty on our list—90 days—so if you encounter any flaws, you have very little time to ask for a replacement. However, you can always contact customer service up until this point, and they will be happy to assist with any problems.

A lead-acid battery has some drawbacks, though. The main reason why this hoverboard weighs 23 pounds more than most of the alternatives on our list is because lithium-ion is much lighter. Without any of the LED lights or Bluetooth speakers you can find on other options, the board is made simply. Considering its otherwise straightforward design, it also has a top speed of 7 miles per hour, which is remarkably fast.

Swagtron T580

Swagtron T580
Swagtron T580

The Swagtron T580 is a fantastic middle-of-the-road model from Swagtron. It offers the best price and is ideal for hills. The fact that it is Bluetooth enabled allows you to switch between modes, check the battery, access maps, and play music, even though it isn’t the best hoverboard on the market. While it only has a top speed of 7.5 mph, its 150W dual motors can respectably climb inclines of up to 30 degrees.

The Swagtron T580 model has three operating modes, a maximum weight load (also known as carrying capacity), and a maximum range of 8 miles per charge. 6.5&the best; smooth riding hard rubber tires. There will be a 90-100 minute charge time. A single, full charge will give you a range of up to 8 miles. Additionally, it includes an app that runs on both Android and iOS devices. This model is successful for a reason. The Swagtron T580 is a fantastic middle-of-the-road model that offers the features that the majority of users desire at an excellent price.

Halo Rover X

Halo Rover X
Halo Rover X

We’ve found that the Halo Rover X hoverboard is the best. Every feature you could want in a self-balancing scooter is included in the hoverboard, from large all-terrain wheels to great speeds and range. It is the best-rated hoverboard in the market, and rightly deserves the title of “best of the best” on our list.

With its sturdy 8.5-inch wheels and two 400-watt motors, this electric hoverboard can handle any terrain and climb slopes with grades of up to 20 degrees. It is 32 lbs in weight and has a weight capacity of at least 44 lbs and up to 260 lbs.

For those who are seven and older, it is a good choice because of this. It includes LG Firesafe batteries, which are UL 2722 certified and have a 2 hour maximum operating time and a 2.5 hour maximum recharge time. With a top speed of 10 miles per hour and a top range of 10 miles, it sets the standard for speed and range. You can feel secure using the Halo Rover X hoverboard because it has a UL 2272 safety certification. The board’s stability and safety are increased by the No Fall Ride-Assist technology, which keeps it upright and balanced. This two-wheel scooter is also incredibly sturdy, and it stands out from other boards thanks to its premium aluminum guards and frame.

No problem if you want to ride at night. The two front LED lights on the hoverboard increase both the rider’s and other drivers’ visibility. Furthermore, it has a built-in Bluetooth app that gives you total control over the board.

Using your phone, you can control the steering sensitivity, change modes, and monitor power, mileage, and speed in addition to keeping track of these metrics.

This model allows you to switch between beginner, standard, and advanced modes. It also has potent Halo Bluetooth speakers that you can use to stream music from your smartphone while riding.

Swagtron T6 Outlaw

Swagtron T6 Outlaw
Swagtron T6 Outlaw

A powerful hoverboard called the Swagtron T6 Outlaw is made to give you more speed and power. This Swagtron T5 model upgrade is a member of the T series. It has many cutting-edge features, such as Bluetooth speakers, LED headlamps, and control via Bluetooth apps.

However, what makes it great are the unique features that it combines, which are:

  • All-terrain capable
  • Huge max weight limit
  • Built-in carrying strap

Due to its enormous 10-inch wheels and heavy trail grips, the Swagtron T6 is extremely well-built and weighs a whopping 32lbs. It can travel over any surface, including grass, mud, or gravel, without losing stability thanks to its enormous tubeless wheels. Another impressive quality of the Swagtron T6 is its weight capacity, which can support up to 420 lbs.

All ages can use it, but it’s more of an adult hoverboard, so that’s good. It has powerful 300-watt dual motors that allow it to handle the heavy load and perform admirably on rocky and hilly terrains. In addition, the dual motors have a maximum speed of 12 MPH and enough torque to support 30 degree incline. The electric self-balancing hoverboard has a 12 mile range when fully charged, and the battery recharges in 3 hours. The best hoverboard for heavy riders and adults, especially those with experience, is this one thanks to its superior features.

By providing a number of settings that can be altered based on the rider’s experience, the experts at Swagtron have made an effort to help with steering and control. A Bluetooth mobile app that controls the motor power limiters and steering sensitivity makes this possible. The Swagtron T6 is UL 2272 approved as well, indicating that it has passed a rigorous quality test and is safe to use. The Swagtron T6 is one of the best hoverboards you can buy, despite the fact that it is an expensive item. Great performance for a reasonable cost.

The Most Important Features To Consider

Safety Rating

If you’re buying a sturdy hoverboard for adults, safety should be your top priority when making a purchase.

Hoverboards were once known to catch fire, but the industry has since made them much safer. The numerous hoverboard reviews on our website serve as evidence of this.

Because of all the work done to certify the safety of hoverboards, it is difficult to find any reports of fire today.

In addition, a lot of the top-tier hoverboards and best hoverboards of 2022 list numerous safety precautions on their product pages and offer assistance for staying safe while using any hoverboard manufacturer.

Before you buy a hoverboard, make sure it has the UL 2272 Certification. When something is UL certified, it has undergone all necessary safety inspections and has all necessary safety features for a worry-free ride.

Additionally, weight restrictions, top speeds, and battery life will be covered in online reviews and guides for the best hoverboards, providing you with more assistance in staying safe while operating your swift hoverboard.

The Correct Tire Size

When it comes to self-balancing scooters, tire size is yet another crucial factor. There are various sizes available. They range in size from smaller to larger. The tire size affects not only how stable the ride is, but also how far you can go and what kinds of terrain it can handle. Smaller tires will work well if you just want to walk around the neighborhood on the sidewalks. If you’re looking to do more and go “off-road,” you’ll want larger tires that will handle more types of terrain better.

Battery Life/Charging Time

It’s good to have a longer battery life, but it’s not everything. If your hoverboard can only travel at 5 MPH, for example, a long battery life is preferable. Speed, performance, and charge time should all be considered when choosing a battery. When choosing a model, look for one that offers the desired speed as well as a long battery life that supports an impressive run time and battery indicators. Some boards also include an intelligent battery management system that keeps an eye on and safeguards the battery.

Mobile Application

A good choice is a hoverboard with a dedicated mobile app. In some ways, the hoverboard’s best feature may be its mobile app, which lets you operate the device, run diagnostics, update the firmware, customize the flashing lights, change the speed, and activate the anti-theft alarm.


One of the most important factors, along with battery life and charging times, is the amount of distance your hoverboard can travel on a single charge. To make the most of your purchase, look for the available range. Less waiting and more traveling are the results of a long range and quick charging times. 9–12 miles is a suitable range.

Durable, Lightweight Construction

Excellent build quality should be one of your primary considerations, just like with any other vehicle. You need a durable frame that is strong and rugged. Even scratch-resistant materials are available on some models. It will last longer if you choose an electric scooter or hoverboard that is sturdy and strong. Aluminum alloy is a wise choice. Suitable for the body, aluminum alloy is a very durable material. Carbon fiber is an additional choice. One of the strongest and lightest materials ever created is carbon fiber. You want a sturdy unit, but you also want it to be lightweight. Generally speaking, a faster and more powerful electric hoverboard has a lighter design. Additionally, it results in a smoother ride.


Obviously, your hoverboard can deliver more if its electric motors are more powerful. A 250 watt motor is adequate, but two 250 watt motors will provide you with significantly more power. More speed and overall better performance may result from this. Better motors are larger ones.

Weight Capacity / Carrying Capacity

It’s crucial to think about how much weight your hoverboard can support before performance suffers. On a hoverboard, your body weight is used to control movement, and the majority of them have a weight limit of 165 or 225 pounds. Therefore, before making a purchase, do some research on the maximum weight so you won’t be disappointed if you go over that limit.

Ease Of Use

Most hoverboards can be operated with just your feet. Knee control is available on some options, such as the Segway miniPRO. Because we believed it to be more difficult to control for children and beginners, we didn’t include options like this on our list. Choose hoverboards instead that offer a variety of riding modes, such as training modes. Boards are simple to ride for adults, kids, and beginners thanks to these various learning modes. See more about Best Skateboard Wheels

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Hoverboard Has The Best Durability?

The Halo Rover X is the best-built hoverboard, making it—if you treat it well—the longest-lasting hoverboard on the market, according to our tests and research.

The Value Of Hoverboards As A Purchase.

Who will use it, what they’ll use it for, and how frequently they’ll use it will determine whether a hoverboard is cost-effective. In general, though, hoverboards are a good investment because they’re great for quick trips and encourage your kids to spend more time outside where they can get some fresh air and exercise.

Still Catching Fire, Hoverboards?

You might have heard about hoverboards catching fire and tragically destroying entire homes. However, the majority of the incidents started in 2013, right after hoverboards first became popular. The Chinese factories seized upon the trend as it quickly gained momentum in order to make some quick money. By trying to save as much money as they can, they produce chargers and batteries of subpar quality with no safeguards. A fire hazard was brought on by the batteries.

The US began to regulate the market as soon as the problem was made widely known, introducing a comprehensive UL2272-certificate that customers can use to make sure their product is secure against all problems.

As a result, the answer to the question is that if you buy a hoverboard that has received UL2272 certification, it won’t catch fire. However, you should never charge while you are away from home and you should always take the charger out once the battery is full.

A Hoverboard Can It Be Used On Carpet?

Yes, most hoverboards work just fine on carpets. It’s probably not a very good hoverboard to begin with, so you should ask the seller for a replacement if it can’t handle riding on rugs.

Can You Brake A Hoverboard?

I doubt it in the way you imagine. On a hoverboard, you must change your body weight until you come to a complete stop in the direction that is the opposite of the way you are moving. You can only determine which way you’re going using your bodyweight because there are no obvious brakes. All of this is possible because of the hoverboard’s internal gyroscope technology.

In 2022, Will Hoverboards Still Be Secure?

The self-balancing scooters that are sold today are safe, as the market has grown and regulations have been introduced. To ensure that strict safety standards have been met, simply look for a hoverboard that is UL2272 certified. When a hoverboard is UL2272 certified, it means that it has successfully completed a rigorous stress test with numerous stages to guarantee that the entire product is secure for use as a means of personal transportation.


Hoverboards are extremely popular among children. Adults also enjoy driving these contemporary cars, surprise! Because businesses like Swegway, Razor, GoTrax, SwagTron, Halo, and Segway produce self-balancing scooters for both children and adults, the market for hoverboards for adults is actually booming.

Therefore, don’t let your finances, lack of experience, or concern for safety prevent you or your child from joining in the fun. You just need to follow our recommendations, and we’re sure you’ll find a hoverboard that meets all your requirements.

I appreciate you reading.

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