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14 Best Skateboards For Kids: Our Top Picks [2022]

It’s important to use the appropriate skateboard for our style and age. It not only enhances our ride but also works to safeguard us against accidents.

I’ll share with you today the best skateboard for young beginners. In this manner, you’ll be aware of the key characteristics of small skateboards and able to choose the best one.

The best skateboards for kids include Swell Skateboards Retro Mini Cruiser Complete Skateboard, Kryptonics 22″ Locker Board Skateboard, Magneto 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser, Caroma 31-Inch Maple Deck Cruiser…

View our list of the best kids’ skateboards for the time being.

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Best Skateboard For Kids

Best For Teens: Swell Skateboards Retro Mini Cruiser Complete Skateboard

Swell Skateboards Retro Mini Cruiser Complete Skateboard
Swell Skateboards Retro Mini Cruiser Complete Skateboard


  • Light and small for portability
  • Variety of deck colors and designs
  • Softer wheels for comfortable rides


  • Plastic deck may wear down faster than a hardwood deck

Once your children have mastered the fundamentals and are comfortable navigating their way around town, they may be looking for something more lightweight and portable to bring to high school or for navigating a college campus.

5.75 inches wide and coming in lengths of 22 or 28, these complete cruiser skateboards from Swell are offered. This lightweight plastic deck is slim enough to fit inside some backpacks while traveling or taking classes.

For a little bit more speed and a smoother ride, this skateboard has a pair of aluminum trucks with 59 mm wheels rated at 83A. Additionally, Swell provides a wide selection of designs and colors, making it simpler for your teen to find the board that exactly suits their style.

Best Budget: Kryptonics 22″ Locker Board Skateboard

Kryptonics 22" Locker Board Skateboard
Kryptonics 22″ Locker Board Skateboard


  • Hard wheels good for learning and tricks
  • Very affordable price
  • Aluminum trucks better than others at this price


  • Bearings too tight for more advanced skaters
  • Small

This Kryptonics Skateboard is a respectable option that works with most budgets if your child wants to learn how to skateboard but you aren’t ready to invest in the sport until you are certain that this new interest is here to stay.

Children can start playing with this deck because of its concave shape and 5.75 x 22-inch size. Although the manufacturer’s 110-pound weight limit for older children may not be exceeded by the 3.25-inch aluminum trucks, the nine-ply maple wood deck should make this skateboard suitable for younger children. This board is delivered fully assembled and comes in a variety of unique designs.

Additionally helpful to learners are the bearings and wheels. For extra pop and lift at the skate park or over smooth surfaces, the wheels are made with very hard injected polyurethane wheels (99A rated), which is a plus for beginners but unquestionably a drawback for more experienced riders.

Best Longboard: Magneto 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser

Magneto 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser
Magneto 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser 44-Inch Kicktail Cruiser


  • Wide and long skateboard for stability
  • Shock-absorbing wheels
  • Classic wood look with choice of three different wheels


  • Beginners may find it too heavy

If your child has mastered the basics (and pulling off impressive kickflips isn’t the only priority anymore) and wants to switch to a board better suited for longer commutes and longer distances, this may be the perfect match. Everything about this skateboard seems to have been done to make you (or your child) want to take a leisurely stroll down the boardwalk. It is the longest and widest skateboard on this list thanks to its deck, which measures 44 x 9 inches.

The board’s deck is made of a combination of bamboo and hardwood maple, giving it a traditional appearance and contributing to its lightness and maneuverability. The wheels are also bigger, measuring 70 mm, for better stability, and have 78A-rated softness that grips the ground. These softer, wider wheels are a fantastic option if you want to get where you’re going quickly with the least amount of bumps and bruises. A wheel color selection option is also available. Choose from an opaque black, an opaque fiery red, or an opaque ocean blue.

Best For Tricks: Caroma 31-Inch Maple Deck Cruiser

Caroma 31-Inch Maple Deck Cruiser
Caroma 31-Inch Maple Deck Cruiser


  • Light deck makes tricks easier
  • Features double kicktails
  • 220-pound weight limit


  • Not the best choice for longer distances
  • Graphics printed on sticker that may come off

Picking up a skateboard makes it difficult to resist daydreaming about performing a few tricks. It is more difficult to stand up off the ground if you don’t have the proper skateboard, though. Designed to be light enough to get some air, this popsicle-shaped maple wood board also has double kicktails to aid beginners in honing their ollie techniques. The board comes fully assembled and is ready to use.

The skateboard’s overall weight is reduced by the small deck. Furthermore, skate park ramps and improved ollie control were taken into consideration when choosing the included wheels. The rider will experience a more controlled ride on slicker surfaces like ramps and half-pipes thanks to the wheels’ hardness rating of 95A and 55 mm size.

Best Multipurpose: Retrospec Alameda 7.5″/8″ Complete Skateboard

Retrospec Alameda 7.5"/8" Complete Skateboard
Retrospec Alameda 7.5″/8″ Complete Skateboard


  • For transportation and tricks
  • Relatively high 220-pound weight limit
  • Choose between two deck widths


  • Complaints about quality of bearings

Considering whether to buy a skateboard for tricks or a skateboard for transportation? You can do both with this Retrospec skateboard because it is made for both the street and the skate park. You can adjust for your child’s skill level and height by selecting a deck that is either 7.5 inches wide or 8 inches wide. There are 11 lovely deck designs, many of which highlight the lovely Canadian maple wood deck beneath. The 52 mm wheels are excellent for navigating, and the 95A-rated wheels ride well in that not-too-hard/not-too-soft kind of way, allowing you to go for a long ride and pull off a few tricks.

Best For Customizing: Primitive Skate Izuku Midoriya Deck

Primitive Skate Izuku Midoriya Deck
Primitive Skate Izuku Midoriya Deck


  • Many customizable options
  • Designs featuring pop culture characters
  • Sturdy bamboo-maple wood combo


  • Overwhelming for beginners unaccustomed to building their own boards

Beginners who are apprehensive about building their own skateboards should consider purchasing a complete skateboard, but there are advantages to learning how a skateboard is made and to being able to tailor your board to your specific needs.

Paul Rodriguez Jr., an X Games winner, established Primitive Skate., offers complete boards as well as individual decks, wheels, grip tape, and apparel. The decks feature artistic designs for almost any vibe, as well as pop culture icons including Wolverine, Sailor Moon, and All Might and Izuku Midoriya from My Hero Academia.

Depending on the style and shape you select, decks can range from 6 to 8 inches wide and about 31 to 32 inches in length. Each deck is made from maple, bamboo, or a combination of the two. To complete the look, you can also order custom grip tape and wheels in a size between 50 and 54 mm on a special basis.

Best Kids’ Skateboard For Beginners: Phoeros Pro Cruiser Starter Skateboard

Phoeros Pro Cruiser Starter Skateboard
Phoeros Pro Cruiser Starter Skateboard


  • Because the deck is 8 inches wide, it will withstand your child’s growth.
  • Strong enough to withstand simple tricks and power sliding.
  • offers a stable, slick ride.


  • For younger children, it might be too big.

This double-kick skateboard is intended for beginners and is of medium price and quality. In addition to two sets of spare ABEC 7 bearings, a sheet of stickers and paint to personalize your deck, this skateboard also includes a strong carrying bag, a metal tool to adjust the tightness of the wheels, and a metal tool for tightening the wheels.

Grip tape is applied to the deck’s top. Heat transfer printing, which will not fade or peel, is used to decorate the underside.

Best Mini Skateboard For Kids: Beleev Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Beleev Mini Cruiser Skateboard
Beleev Mini Cruiser Skateboard


  • beginners’ stable board
  • Made of polypropylene, they can support riders weighing up to 220 pounds.
  • only weighs 3.8 pounds, making it simple to carry or pack in a backpack.


  • It lacks light-up wheels.

This adorable yet robust mini-cruiser from Beleev is made of thick plastic and has a flat nose and a raised tail. The deck does not have grip tape, but it does have a textured surface to offer some extra traction.

A smooth ride is provided by the high-rebound bushings, soft PU wheels, and ABEC 7 bearings. It follows that compared to some other boards, an uneven surface makes your child less likely to fall.

This beginner skateboard is made for anyone who wants to have fun while riding in ease and comfort.

Best Skateboard For Tweens: WhiteFang Skateboards For Beginners

WhiteFang Skateboards For Beginners
WhiteFang Skateboards For Beginners


  • You get decent quality for a fair price because the parts are of a decent quality.
  • The deck designs are character-free and gender-neutral.
  • Strong enough for you to take a turn when the kids aren’t looking.


  • There are no extras or tools provided.

Canadian maple is used to make this WhiteFang double-kick beginner skateboard because it is robust and long-lasting. It has mid-range components for a comfortable, stable ride that doesn’t go too fast.

The strength it demonstrates during jumps and other stunts is praised by reviewers, who also note that it holds up well under repeated use.

There are five different board designs to choose from. Furthermore, it can support 400 pounds, so your growing teen should be fine with it.

Best Longboard Skateboard For Kids: Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Longboard

Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Longboard
Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout Longboard


  • eco-friendly bamboo was used to create this.
  • Mid-range bearings limit excessive speed.
  • creative color scheme.


  • It might be disappointing if you don’t get the exact color scheme that is depicted in the picture.

This Sector 9 Blue Wave Lookout longboard, which has five layers of bamboo construction, consistently receives high ratings from both novice and seasoned skateboarders.

Owners laud the longboard’s stability, speed, and durability of the bamboo deck. The length makes it ideal for older children, as is the case with all longboards. Customer service appears to have quickly resolved any problems that a rare customer may have had with a longboard, such as a crack in the deck.

Best Cruiser Skateboard For Kids: Sansirp Complete Skateboard Beginner’s Cruiser

Sansirp Complete Skateboard Beginner's Cruiser
Sansirp Complete Skateboard Beginner’s Cruiser


  • allows for up to 300 pounds.
  • The wheels have LED lights.
  • Included is a skateboard bag.


  • For older children, it might be too small.

The Sansirp beginner’s cruiser is a skateboard for people who enjoy hanging out at the skate park and cruising a bit but aren’t necessarily that interested in fancy jumps or tricks.

Six different colors can be cycled through on the lights of this fun and trendy cruiser. A switch underneath can be used to turn the light on or off.

An accessory that increases portability is the skateboard bag that is included.

Best Overall: Element Youth Skateboard

Element Youth Skateboard
Element Youth Skateboard


  • Trusted brand in skateboarding
  • 8-inch-wide deck for beginners
  • Available from multiple retailers


  • Hard wheels not meant for longer distances

Due to its 8-inch width, which gives novice skaters better control and stability, this complete, traditional popsicle board—made of hard maple wood and ideally suited for beginners and young skaters—is our top choice. You don’t have to worry about putting this complete set together because it includes aluminum trucks made by the Element brand and is delivered to you already assembled. In order to help kids learn technique before adding more speed, the included wheels are 52 mm in diameter, which results in a slower overall speed for them.

Founded in 1992, Element Skateboards quickly became one of the most recognizable and trusted skateboard brands around, and a featured spot in the “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” video games didn’t hurt either.

Best For 6-year-olds: Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard

Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard
Magneto Kids Complete Skateboard


  • Board specifically sized for younger kids
  • Lightweight wood
  • Several dynamic deck designs perfect for kids and teens


  • May be too short for bigger kids

This complete skateboard from Magneto is a great option if you’re looking for a skateboard that your 6-year-old can pick up and begin learning with. This board in particular is made especially for children aged 5 to 15 and is made by Magneto, a company you’ll see a lot of in the skateboard scene. Ice cream, rocket ship, video game, and traditional checkerboard are the four distinct deck designs that are offered.

The board’s width of 7.75 inches makes it ideal for children with smaller feet, and its shorter length of 27.5 inches makes it easier for kids to maneuver. The lightweight maple structure has double-end kicktails for your young child to use when they want to try learning to ollie, and it is strong and durable enough to last a long time without being too heavy for them to lift off the ground for jumps and tricks. To help kids learn to control the board, the trucks are made of aluminum and have 52 mm wheels for a slower ride.

Best For 10-year-olds: Redo Skateboard Kids’ San Diego Palms Cruiser

Redo Skateboard Kids' San Diego Palms Cruiser
Redo Skateboard Kids’ San Diego Palms Cruiser


  • Unique, eye-catching design
  • Larger, softer wheels are comfortable on longer distances
  • Increased stability with longer deck


  • Not the ideal choice for learning or tricks

A longer cruiser board is a better option if your child wants a stable, simple means of getting around town. Shorter boards are great for learning to ride and performing a few beginner tricks.

This board, which is 8 inches wide and measures a substantial 34.5 inches, is made of eight-ply maple wood. It has 65 mm wheels that are larger and wider than most, providing increased stability and traction. It is designed to resemble a surfboard with a coastal theme. Additionally, the wheels are softer (rated at 78A) for better shock absorption and navigating obstacles in the rider’s path.

Types Of Skateboards

Skateboards fall into four main categories. Which one you pick will depend on your child’s age, skating skill level, and preferred style.


To keep things simple, a longboard is simply a skateboard that is 33 inches or longer. There are numerous longboard sub-groups.

They should not be used for tricks or flips; rather, they are best for moving from one location to another.

Ages 9 and up are suitable for longboarding. They are good for going:

  • Downhill.
  • On flat roads.
  • On city streets.
  • Surfing and snowboarding exercises.
  • Long-distance boarding


Compared to a longboard, a cruiser skateboard is shorter. As a result, they are lighter and more maneuverable but less stable than longer boards. For people aged 9 and up, they make a good choice.

They work well for:

  • Flat roads.
  • City streets. columns-2


A mini-cruiser is a cruiser that is scaled down. This makes them a popular option for young beginners or skateboarders looking for a cruiser that can fit in their backpack when not in use.

They function well for people aged 7 and up.

They are good for going:

  • Downhill.
  • On flat roads.
  • onward to the skate park and bowl.


A skateboard called a double-kick has an upward turn at each end of the deck. On either end of the board, a skateboarder can now perform tricks thanks to this.

All ages can enjoy these.

They work well for:

  • Going downhill.
  • Flat roads.
  • the park and skating rink.
  • Distance boarding.

How To Choose The Best Skateboard For Kids?

Look for a board with a wider deck if your child is just starting out because it offers more stability. then take into account the subsequent components.

Age Of Child

The size of the board that is most appropriate for your child will depend on their age, height, and shoe size.

Deck Width7.5 inches +7.3 inches7 inches or less
Age13 years +9 to 12 years6 to 8 years
Height5′ 3″ +4′ 5″ to 5′ 2″5′ 2″ or less
Shoe Size9 +7 to 96 or less

Purpose Of The Skateboard

Ask your child why they want their skateboard and what they plan to do with it. Are they looking for a way to travel to a friend’s house or are they looking to perform tricks?

then decide which type is most appropriate based on the discussion above.

Deck Material

Although wood layers make up the majority of skateboard decks, plastic, bamboo, and fiberglass are being used more frequently in their production. Every material has benefits and drawbacks.

Wooden Decks

Maple makes for the best wooden decks. Make sure to confirm that the deck you are purchasing is made of maple wood and not birch, which is less expensive. Birch is not as robust and durable as maple.


  • Durable.
  • withstands the elements well.
  • Flexible.


  • Good maple costs a lot of money.
  • There are many imitation maple decks available.

Bamboo Decks

As an environmentally friendly substitute for wooden decks, bamboo has grown in popularity.


  • Lightweight.
  • Flexible.
  • more environmentally friendly than maple.
  • More affordable.


  • Less rigidity could make you feel less stable.

Fiberglass Decks

The heat, rain, and cold rarely harm a fiberglass deck because of how well it resists abrasion.


  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Flexible.


  • Expensive.

Plastic Decks

The rise in popularity of the “penny board” means you will see a multitude of plastic cruisers and mini-cruisers. Several are of higher caliber than others.


  • Lightweight.
  • Can be strong.
  • Affordable.


  • can have poor quality and be easily broken.


The durability, safety, and cost of the skateboard you select will all be influenced by the trucks, bushings, bearings, and wheels.

The individual truck components, their brand, and whether they can be upgraded or otherwise modified are all crucial factors for serious skateboarders (3).

We won’t go over every part or component of the board because we’re only looking at the best complete skateboards for kids. We will instead focus on the issues that a typical, recreational skateboarder should think about.


The component holding the wheels on the deck of a skateboard is called the truck. A base plate, a hanger, and a kingpin that connects the three make up a truck. On complete skateboards, aluminum trucks with steel axles are the norm.

Regarding size, the majority of skateboarders find that the most stability is achieved with trucks that are just a little bit larger than the deck’s width.


Between the base plate and the hanger is a bushing, which provides comfort. It is usually made of urethane or silicone and is assigned one of these three ratings:

  • Soft: lower than 92a.
  • Medium: 92a to 97a.
  • Hard — 98a+.

For general skating conditions, medium bushings work best. While hard bushings are better for flips, tricks, and speed, soft bushings allow for tighter turns but less control.

Find medium bushings for your child if the bushing specification is available and they are just starting out.


Skateboard wheels are equipped with bearings that enable smooth rotation. An ABEC rating is assigned to them. Your ride will be smoother and move along more quickly the higher the ABEC number.

Look for ABEC 5 bearings. Any lower and the bearings will be of poor quality and perhaps even be hazardous. Your child might accelerate too quickly if they are higher.


Millimeters are the standard measurement for skateboard wheels.

  • For beginners, skate parks, and tricks, wheels with a diameter under 53 mm are the safest.
  • For beginners and all-around skating, wheels between 53 mm and 59 mm are ideal.
  • Wheels larger than 60mm are used for speed and abrasive surfaces. They should only be used by seasoned skateboarders.

Longboard wheels are an exception to this rule; they typically have a diameter of 70mm or greater.


It’s entirely up to you and your child how the board looks. However, you should anticipate that your kid will hold strong views on the matter. Your child will probably want their skateboard to showcase how cool skateboarding is because it is viewed as such by others.

14 Best Skateboards For Kids Our Top Picks [2022]
14 Best Skateboards For Kids: Our Top Picks [2022]

Tips For Riding Your Skateboard Safely

It’s essential to skateboard safely if you want to enjoy your time on the deck. Here are some vital safety advice to keep you safe.

  • Always wear the correct safety gear: You require knee, elbow, and wrist guards in addition to a properly fitting helmet. Closed-toe shoes and safety glasses are both recommended, especially if you wear glasses.
  • Learn to fall: It takes skill to fall in a way that reduces the risk of injury. Rolling when you fall, falling with a loose body, and falling on softer surfaces like grass and sand are all things you should practice.
  • Know your limits: Before you have mastered the fundamentals, refrain from attempting complicated tricks. Prior to attempting a downhill sprint, learn how to slow down, and make sure you are comfortable on flat terrain.

How To Make Your Skateboard Last Longer?

After making an investment in a skateboard, you’ll want to extend its lifespan as much as you can. Here’s how.

  • Keep it clean: When you’re done using it, make sure your skateboard is clean and dry before storing it. Check to see if the deck is even the slightest bit wet and that the wheels and trucks are free of grit or dirt.
  • Don’t leave it somewhere hot: Your deck will be destroyed by the heat just as quickly as by moisture. If it’s hot outside, the car’s windows are open, radiators are nearby, or air vents are on top, don’t leave your skateboard there.
  • Make repairs: Sand out any chips, round off any rough edges, and use a dab of superglue to hold a piece of grip tape that has come undone together so that it will last longer.

How Old Must A Child Be To Begin Skateboarding?

Even though you might see toddlers as young as 3 skateboarding, it’s not advised.

The less coordination, control, and muscle development your child has, the younger they are. You have a good reason to wait before introducing your child to skateboarding when you combine this with how kids tend to think of themselves as invincible.

Skateboarding is not recommended for children under the age of five, and for children between the ages of six and ten, it is only recommended when done under adult supervision.

With What Skateboard Should Kids Begin?

What skateboard is therefore the best for beginners at the age of 11 or for kids who are 12 or 13? Based on the items we discussed and the criteria I mentioned in the buying guide, here is a list of features the best kids skateboards should have.

  • Deck – One made with maple and sized at around 7″ to 8″ in width
  • Wheels – Smaller wheels at around 53mm to help the kid control the speed
  • Trucks – Aluminum skate trucks for durability and stability

What Size Skateboard Is Ideal For Children?

Skateboard decks in the 7 to 8 prime range are ideal for skaters from the age of six to 13-year-olds. However, we would have to reduce the deck size if we were to choose a toddler skateboard for a 4-year-old beginner.

How Do Children Learn To Skateboard?

Follow these easy instructions to teach your child how to play the sport.

  • Train your child to skateboard on carpet or grass.
  • Make the child jump onto the deck so that his or her feet land on the truck bolts.
  • Teach kids how to find their preferred stance by leaning forward and backward.
  • Show them the skateboard push technique.
  • Holding their hands the whole way, ride with them.

For Beginners, Are Longboards Preferable?

Longboards are better for beginners if ease of riding is a top priority.

Because of its lower center of gravity, a longboard is anyone’s best partner for additional balance. It also has a longer wheelbase, which increases stability, if we take a closer look at it.

Skateboards’ Lifespan Is How Long?

Skateboards, unfortunately, don’t last as long as scooters or bicycles. Because of impact, repeated use, and other outside factors, they deteriorate more quickly. However, as long as our skating skills are developing, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Skateboards typically last 2-4 months. Depending on how the user takes care of the equipment, the period may be extended or shortened.

Final Words

All ages can ride skateboards. A beginner was once every professional skater. Knowing what skateboard you need and never stopping to learn are the two simple keys to success in the sport.

The best skateboard for beginners kids is now within your grasp if you want to start your kids off young. What we should do is keep in mind the fundamentals, such as the skateboard’s components and safety features. Then, we can assist kids in starting their skating adventures.

Many thanks for reading.

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