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Can You Use WD40 On Skateboard Bearings? How To Clean It?

I’m sure you’ve thought back on strange things you and your friends have done. For some reason having the “fastest wheels” was some sort of challenge. The longest and quietest spinning wheels won the competition. I’ve lost several times, this got me thinking about using special “lube” to solve all problems….The downside to this was that it eventually caused my bearings to degrade. Of course, I used WD40.

Can you use WD40 on skateboard bearings?

Never use WD40 to clean the bearings on a skateboard. Not as a lubricant or bearing cleaner, but rather as a product made specifically for removing rust and grime. 

It initially works wonders, but as it dries out bearings, you’ll find yourself reapplying more and more. resulting in future damage that is too severe, which will cost more money. I can see why you’re doing this because I used to do it all the time.

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Is WD40 Good For Skateboard Bearings?

WD40 application guides for skateboards and their components are uncommon. And the reason for that is that this product isn’t the best choice for cleaning and lubrication procedures. Let’s examine how this substance affects the bearings in your skateboard.

Clean Your Bearings

Your skate bearings become more vulnerable to rust and dirt over time. And as soon as you notice those orange-brown marks, you start to worry that the performance of your skateboard is slipping.

So, without realizing it, you reach for a bottle of WD40, not realizing it will dry out your bearings. It may be resistant to dirt, but you’ll sooner ruin these parts.

Can I Use WD40 To Lubricate Bearings Instead

Instead of water-based lubricants, bearings require silicone-based lubricants. Longboard bearings may perform well when using water-based WD40, but they will never last for very long.

When To Clean Your Bearings?

When your skateboard starts to feel harder to ride, you should clean your bearings. It’s time to clean your bearings if pushing becomes more difficult and sticky.

It is possible for dirt and debris to enter the shield, which slows down the board by putting resistance on the ball bearings.

It’s time to clean them if you hear the sound of tiny pebbles in your bearings or if the wheel feels stiffer than usual.

You can do this by removing the bearing shield with a small object like a safety pin or thumbtack and applying either skateboard bearing lubricant or a common household lubricant like motor oil, vegetable oil, or canola oil.

You can clean your skateboard bearings by following these five easy steps. See more about 13 Best Skateboard Bearings

What To Clean Your Bearings With?

I frequently advise using Sonic Super Oil or Bones Speed Cream to clean skateboard bearings.

However, there are quite a few items that you might already have at home that can clean and lubricate your skateboard bearings quite effectively.

Some skateboard bearing lubricant alternatives include:

  • Motor Oil
  • Canola Oil
  • Vegetable Oil
  • PAM Cooking Spray
  • Triflow Lubricant
Can You Use WD40 On Skateboard Bearings How To Clean It
Can You Use WD40 On Skateboard Bearings? How To Clean It?

How To Clean My Bearings With WD40?

The worst thing to do when cleaning skate bearings is use WD 40. The good news in this situation is that alcohol, one of the best bearing cleaners, is more widely available than WD40. Additionally, alcohol has qualities that can rid bearings of debris that leads to dirt buildup. Follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Grab a paper clip or any stiff but thin object
  • Step 2: Poke the skateboard bearings’ shield and set them aside
  • Step 3: Drench the bearings in an alcohol solution, remember to submerge them fully
  • Step 4: pin them thoroughly until all contaminants are out

When To Replace Your Bearings?

Bearings have an expiration date. But if you take great care of them and keep them clean, you can keep them for a very long time.

Your bearings can be changed at any time. After trying to clean your skateboard’s bearings and noticing that it isn’t moving as quickly as it once did, it may be time to replace them.

Nevertheless, there are a few circumstances in which you ought to swap out your bearings right away.

  1. If you spot rust.
  2. Ball bearings are lacking.
  3. They lack or have damaged shields.
  4. if you have cleaned and lubricated your bearings but no improvement was noticed.

What Else Can I Use WD40 For?

As A Cleaning Agent

Rust and grime can be easily removed with WD40. You should use this product to keep these elements away because they can harm objects if left unchecked. Below are some things WD40 cleans:

  • Floor gunks
  • Garden tools
  • Gold, brass, and other metals
  • Bicycle chains
  • Paintbrushes
  • Stains on stainless steel appliances
  • Ink on fabrics
  • Adhesive residues
  • Gum stuck on various surfaces
  • Wax and glue on carpets

These surfaces become dirt-repellent after being treated with WD40. However, it does not follow that your work is done. To slow down the rapid accumulation of dirt, you must still contribute.

As A Lubricant

In addition to removing dirt and rust, WD40 also lessens the squeaking sound that many devices make. Check where you can use this product as a lubrication agent:

  • Drawers and door hinges
  • Saw blades and rusty nuts
  • Pet doors
  • Gate valves
  • Power tools
  • Sewing machines
  • Plumbing joints
  • Rusted bolts
  • Lawnmowers
  • Painted radiator valves

You can get good performance out of these items when you use WD40. Furthermore, you can extend their useful lives.

Keep in mind that these applications are general. Let’s examine the effects of WD40 on various forms of transportation, including skateboards.

Can You Afford Expensive Bearings?

The most I’ve ever spent on quality skateboard bearings was $40. Was the additional cost justified? I would advise doing this if you are mainly in an indoor or tidy outdoor park. Since I have nothing but positive things to say, Bones Reds has been my go-to place for YEARS. $15 bearings that are unquestionably better than those of their rivals are a great choice. Yes, they are amazing. I have been on boards with bearings of higher caliber. It depends on your personal preferences and how well you take care of your equipment. As long as you want them to, skateboard bearings can last for years. Your desired results can be attained with simple maintenance.

Stripping Your Nuts!

Perhaps you lack the motivation to properly lubricate your bearings like I do. I was afraid of stripping my axles, not because I was always lazy. I’ve tried to put my bolts back on for countless hours, but I’ve had mixed to negative results. Fortunately, modern tools come equipped with axle re-threading functions. It’s extremely terrifying to strip an axle, especially when you’re breaking them in. In all honesty, it’s impossible to avoid damaging the outside of your axles. Another potential issue is a stubborn bolt. Fearing further damage from stripping it of its original materials. Using the power of God to remove it is not a problem, just make sure you don’t smash it or bend it seven different ways! They probably have cross threads, which can be fixed.

Limited Time Warranties

Some businesses offer LIFETIME warranties on their trucks if you’ve ever encountered specific flaws. Defects in material, craftsmanship, bending, breaking or axle slipping. These issues have personally affected me; they can occur. trucks snapping in half with little damage after cracking under pressure. It’s more frequent and inexpensive to break your kingpin.


It is entirely up to you how well you take care of your equipment. For some people, it’s not a big deal, but for others, it’s like caring for a blow-up Barbie doll when they’ve got something special. I like to keep things straightforward and save some extra money for when I need to replace my equipment so I won’t have to deal with it later. Remember, you only need a product that meets your needs; you don’t need the BEST money can buy. You’ll get a sense of what products work best for you.

Many thanks for reading.

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