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What To Wear Ice Skating: 11 Essential Things

Ice skating is a great winter sport.

It’s enjoyable and festive, and it’s a great date idea or family outing.

What, however, is appropriate attire for ice skating?

Below you will find the do’s and don’ts on what to wear when ice skating. You are supposed to wear a sweater, jacket, comfortable pants, gloves…

Naturally, when selecting your clothing, you should take into account whether you’ll be skating indoors or outdoors. But bear in mind that there are a few fundamental guidelines that apply to both indoor and outdoor ice skating.

Do Wear: What To Wear When Ice Skating


One of the most cozy items of clothing you can wear to an ice skating session is a sweater.

It provides warmth and shields you from the cold.

Additionally, it keeps your body flexible so you can perform both basic and advanced skating maneuvers with ease.

It is also offered in a variety of hues, patterns, and materials. Feel free to select a sweater based on your requirements and personal style.


Both indoor and outdoor ice rinks are chilly environments.

If you become too cold, think about wearing layers of clothing.

For instance, you could layer a light jacket over a long-sleeved shirt or sweater. You can take off the outerwear and carry on having fun in the ice rink once you begin to feel warm.

Comfortable Pants

It’s simple to select bottoms for ice skating. You only need a pair of pants that can move with you and quickly adjust.

When skating, yoga pants, sweatpants, and joggers are all excellent options. For warmth and protection against potential ice-related mishaps, they are made of thick material.

Another great option for comfort and protection are snow pants. Typically, they are made of waterproof and insulated material to keep you warm and dry.


These not only keep you warm but also give you a little bit softer ground to land on in the event that you fall on the ice.

Appropriate Socks

However, when dressing for ice skating, socks are crucial. Typically, they are an afterthought. Wearing a pair that is cozy and comfortable, but not too thick, is what you should do! (See the don’ts)

Hair Pulled Back

Because it is obvious, long hair should be pulled away from the face.

Helmet (optional*)

New ice skaters are frequently advised to wear helmets for safety, especially if they are young children. It can hurt to fall on ice. Additionally, helmets will keep the head warm of a young skater.

With a few pointers for beginners, we can help if you’ve never skated before.

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Don’t Wear: What To Wear When Ice Skating


Why on earth are you even thinking about wearing shorts in the winter? It is neither seasonally appropriate nor fashionable at this time.

If you fall, wearing shorts will make your legs too exposed.

Dresses Or Skirts

Although they are in style, dresses and skirts are inappropriate for women to wear while ice skating.

Like shorts, they don’t provide defense against the elements and potential falls.

It’s best to put on fleece leggings underneath if you want to wear an ice skating dress.

Tight Pants

Tight, skinny jeans are not appropriate right now. Additionally, now is not the time to wear anything particularly tight. It limits your movement and might make it impossible for you to regain your balance.

Thick Socks

The key here is to wear socks that won’t interfere with how your skates fit; if your socks are too thick, it might be challenging for the skates to provide you with the right support.

What To Wear Ice Skating 11 Essential Things
What To Wear Ice Skating: 11 Essential Things

What To Wear Ice Skating Indoors – FAQs

Following our discussion of the best ice skating attire to wear to an indoor rink, let’s look at some additional information you should be aware of.

Is Skating Indoors Cold?

Of course, the ice skating rink will be chilly.

A typical indoor ice skating rink is between 24 and 25 degrees Fahrenheit, or -4 degrees Celsius.

Different ice hockey rinks may have different temperatures. I’ve discovered that while some places are extremely cold, others are not too bad. However, wearing winter clothing is always a necessity.

You should come in dressed appropriately because it will likely be chilly in general.

Make sure you wear the items on the list so you can have the best experience at the ice skating rink.

What Attire Is Appropriate For Summer Indoor Ice Skating?

Ice skating rinks indoors will be chilly even in the summer. You must therefore dress appropriately for ice skating, as mentioned above. An indoor rink’s temperature is constant regardless of the outside temperature, but if you’re used to the warm outdoor climate, you might feel colder during the summer.

What Attire Should I Keep Away From When Ice Skating?

When you enjoy ice skating, you should avoid donning bulky, heavy clothing.

Your range of motion will be limited if you’re wearing bulky clothing. It will prevent you from enjoying ice skating in the rink to its fullest.

Avoid the following clothes:

  1. Jeans
  2. Small and thin skating dresses
  3. Short sleeves
  4. Bulky winter coats
  5. Ill-fitting skates

What Else Should You Pack If You Plan To Skate Indoors?

When you go indoor ice skating, you’ll also need to bring a few other items in addition to the clothing we mentioned above.

They include:


You might consider bringing a camera so you can record the memorable moments you have on the ice skating rink. Then you can document all of the happy moments and enjoyable activities you share with your loved ones.

Some healthy snacks

To enjoy ice skating, you’ll need a lot of energy. You must therefore bring a few wholesome snacks with you when you go to the skating rink.

There are snack vending machines in some of the ice skating rinks. For when you are finished skating, you can also bring a warm beverage with you.

A Cloth

After skating, you’ll need a piece of cloth, like a dish towel, to dry your skates. By doing this, rust won’t develop.

Get the most out of your time at an ice skating rink by using these suggestions. It may give you some priceless memories.

Final Words

If you want to enjoy yourself on the ice, you must dress appropriately. In order to avoid restricting your movement, you should make sure that you are warm and comfortable without being overly covered. For a comfortable day of skating on the ice, wear layers and long sleeves.

I appreciate you reading, a lot.

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