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How To Hang Skateboard On Wall In The Easy Ways?

First, how to hang skateboard on wall? There are three simple methods. Utilize the string or fishing line. Use plastic hooks, wall adhesive strips, and a wall mount.

Skateboards can be entertaining to ride, but they can also make interesting wall art. There are appealing, inventive, and practical ways to hang up a retired skateboard or one that you use frequently.

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Use The Fishing Line Or String

Take Off The Skateboard’s Wheels

Your skateboard should be turned over. One of the bolts on one of your trucks can be held in place using pliers. Put the tip of a screwdriver into the corresponding screw on the board’s top side. Till the screw is completely out, turn the screwdriver. To remove one truck, repeat this procedure three more times. Next, remove the second truck using the same technique.

Feed A Piece Of Fishing Line

Find the two screw holes that are closest to the skateboard deck’s end. Then, using a pair of scissors, trim off about a foot (0.30 m) of fishing line. Feed one end of the fishing line through one hole while holding the deck so that the underside is facing you. Feed it through the other hole and bring it back to you.

Use The Ends Of The Fishing Line 

A granny knot, for example, is a good knot to tie because the fishing line can be slick. To make hanging it easier, leave some space between the knot and the deck rather than tying it too closely to the deck’s holes.

The Fishing Line Is Attached To A Nail 

Place a nail against the wall at the location where you want the top of the deck to be. Next, carefully drive the nail into the wall using a hammer. When the nail head is nearly flush with the wall but not quite, stop. In the space between the nail’s head and the wall, hang the fishing line from the nail.

Hang The Fishing Line From Wall Hooks

After you’ve tied a knot in the fishing line, instead of driving a nail into the wall to hang your skateboard, draw a horizontal line with a pencil that is level with the floor on the wall where you want it to hang. Place something similar to a command hook in the middle of the line. After that, attach your fishing line to the hook.

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Use A Wall Mount

Drill A Hole In The Wall

Make a hole in the wall where you want to hang your deck using a drill. To make sure the hole can support the weight of the deck, affix a plastic wall anchor there.
Before drilling into your wall, use a deep scan stud finder to make sure you won’t hit any wiring or plumbing.

Fasten Deck Display To The Wall

There should be a screw included with your deck display. To align the display’s center hole with the hole you drilled in the wall, place it up against the wall while holding it in place. Through the hole in the display, fasten the screw into the wall using a drill or screwdriver.

Slide Your Board Onto The Display 

Twist the two bolts that came with the display onto each of the posts that protrude from it after it has been fastened to the wall. Slide it on after lining up the two screw holes with the posts that are closest to the end of your deck.

Attach The Display With A T-nut Twist

Once they are snug against the deck, screw the two T nuts that came with the display onto either post. This ought to stably support the deck and prevent any portion of it from touching the wall.

How To Hang Skateboard On Wall In The Easy Ways
How To Hang Skateboard On Wall In The Easy Ways?

Using Wall Adhesive Strips & Plastic Hooks

You can use plastic hooks and wall adhesive strips if you don’t want to drill holes in your walls. To hang the deck on the plastic hooks, you will need both of these items as well as some string. Simply follow the instructions below to use this technique.

Fasten The Plastic Hook

In order to attach the plastic hook, remove the adhesive from one side of the wall strip. By firmly pressing the plastic hook against the adhesive, they can be joined together.

Utilize The Plastic Wall Hook 

After that, take off the adhesive from the opposite side and fasten it to the wall with the plastic hook. On the wall, firmly press them down.

Hang Your Deck

You are now prepared to hang your deck. Put a string through the deck’s screw holes and knot it to create a loop. After that, hang the string and deck of cards from the plastic hook that is firmly fastened to the wall.

Aligning your other decks horizontally, you can repeat the process. You’ll be pleased with the outcomes.


How to hang a skateboard on a wall was the main topic of the article.

One of the elements that affects how long a skateboard lasts is storage. You prevent the deck’s boards from decaying more quickly by hanging them up on the wall.

You’re one step closer to maintaining your skateboards now that you know how to hang a skateboard on a wall without using nails.

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